Pioneer Colleges in LGBTQ Education and Acceptance

HARTFORD, Connecticut., July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – From 1994 to 2020, public acceptance of LGBTQ + people Pink from 46% to 72%. This meteoric rise is due, in part, to the pioneering work of American colleges and universities.

Some began their efforts even before the American Psychological Association abandoned its categorization of homosexuality as a mental illness in 1973.

Given the progress, Online College Values researched and ranked the top 30 colleges that continue to find innovative ways to recognize and include the LGBTQ + community in society.

“During Pride Month, we took the opportunity to examine which colleges are finding ways to break down barriers and make their campuses a safer and more inclusive space for their LGBTQ + students, faculty and staff.” , said Julia mccaulley, Online Publisher of College Values. “What we found was very encouraging. Acceptance of diversity is a crucial aspect, not only for members of the LGBTQ + community, but also for all who work, study and live on college campuses across the country. . We are happy to present the schools that have won the highest marks for promoting these changes! “

Here is a sample of 30 U.S. universities that have made great strides in LGBTQ + acceptance

the University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Thank you to LGBTQ + activists at University of Michigan, the college made history in 1971 when it opened the first personnel office for LGBTQ + students at an American higher education institution. The two-person staff created a system of trained peer counselors to help LGBTQ + students. Today, LGBTQ + issues are promoted throughout the college. For example, its medical school ensures that all of its students are informed about LGBTQ + health issues. Campus pride names it one of the best LGBTQ + colleges in America.

University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
This university has carried out important achievements in LGBTQ + rights. Perhaps the first indirect achievement was the graduation of John burnside, who later founded the Los Angeles Gay Liberation Front. In the 1950s, an academic urologist performed one of the first sex reassignment surgeries. One of his psychologists published research showing that homosexuality was not a psychological illness. Pioneering achievements continue at UCLA. For example, the college health department tracked transgender and non-binary experiences during the pandemic in hopes of providing better care.

University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
the University of Oregon has seen more than four decades of grassroots activism from LGBTQ + students, faculty and staff, and community allies. In 1969, the university became the headquarters of the Gay People’s Alliance. The first accommodation the college provided to LGBTQ + people took place in 1971, when the college adopted equal employment opportunity, stating that it would ignore any “extraneous considerations” in the process. hiring decisions. In 1992, the college formed the Standing Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People. (LGBT). Today, the college promotes equality in several ways, such as the John R. Moore scholarship, which gives students $ 2,000 for excelling in contributing to the LGBTQ + community in college.

Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana
the first LGBTQ group on the Purdue University The campus was the Purdue Gay Alliance, formed in 1971. A few years later, the college became home to the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Women’s Alliance. Today, the college’s LGBTQ + Center hosts a wide range of hospitality activities. Higher education today Note that Purdue University has one of the best LGBTQ inclusion policies in America.

Stanford University
Stanford, California
The Stanford Sexual Rights Forum was based in 1965. This student organization became the first student group to champion the civil rights of LGBTQ + people nationally. In 1968, the college also saw the foundation of the Homophile League of Stanford University, the second largest group of gay college students in America. It was followed in 1970 by the Stanford Gay Students Union. Other accomplishments include the first homosexual studies course in 1973 and the permanent hiring of the first openly homosexual professor at the college in 1977. More recently, the college introduced Stanford’s LGBT Executive Leadership Program in 2016.

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
the University of Pennsylvania is home to America’s second oldest LGBTQ + center, which opened in 1982. It has grown over the years and now occupies an entire building on campus. Additionally, the college hospitals are renowned for caring for LGBTQ + patients. In fact, in 2018, the Human Rights Campaign said hospitals are leading LGBTQ + healthcare equality efforts. Fastweb appoints the University of Pennsylvania the most LGBTQ + friendly college.

For the full list and ranking methodology, Click here.

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