Pinna launches the first interactive voice-activated podcasts. | Daily News Podcast


Child-focused subscription podcast service Pinna has launched what it says is the first voice-activated interactive series. The format called Yes No Audio will allow children who listen to the series to actively participate in determining the outcome of its story-based adventures. Pinna launches this innovative technology with three titles including Escape the Haunted House, Escape the Sinking Ship and Escape the Marshmallow Dream Forest.

Pinna says that in each Yes No Audio time-based adventure, listeners will be asked to verbally respond “yes” or “no” to decide the character’s escape plan as they work against the clock. There are multiple ways to escape, allowing kids to keep trying new or faster escape routes in an effort to beat time.

“We’ve married high-stakes storytelling with voice-directed play in this new series of hands-on podcasts that spark kids’ imaginations, tap into their problem-solving skills, and put them in the driver’s seat of every unique adventure,” said said the CEO of Pinna. Maggie McGuire. “We’re taking podcasts to a whole new level of interactivity and continuing to deliver on our promise of screen-free entertainment the whole family can enjoy together. The Yes No Audio series is a game-changer in the podcast space and we’re excited to show the way.”

Yes No Audio episodes will be available on iOS and Android. But listeners of the free basic Pinna package will not have access to it. The feature will only be available with its full access subscription plan, with costs of $7.99 per month or $71.88 per year.


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