OpIndia presents ‘Reality Bytes’, a new podcast exposing left-wing Hinduphobia


OpIndia presented on Saturday “Reality Bytes”, a weekly podcast hosted by editor Nupur J Sharma. Each week, Sharma will address topics and views on the podcast that the left and mainstream media have willfully suppressed, maliciously bastardized, or consciously ignored.

Whether raising questions about India’s civilizational history, idolizing the British and Mughals or sweeping under the rug the invaluable contributions and towering legacy of Hindu kings such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , Chandragupta Maurya, Raja Raja Chola, Krishna Devraya and many other Hindus. kings, the podcast will challenge the dominant narrative established by the left and provide a political context for their betrayal.

Sharma will dissect left-wing tropes and reveal insights from guest contributors on how the ‘liberal’ lobby has teamed up with Islamists and their apologists to undermine Hindu interests and feed the country with distorted narratives laced with facts adulterated.

“For them (on the left), the Malabar genocide of Hindus was a peasant uprising, not a Muslim rampaging, killing and raping Hindus because they wanted to establish an Islamic caliphate in Kerala, much like the nascent one in Turkey” , said Sharma. in the intro episode of “Reality Bytes”.

“They wish to tell you that Hindus, while being massacred, are responsible for sectarian hatred. the left that has come to define their existence.

The podcast will also shed light on India’s political history, cultural heritage and various other topics from a perspective that has been scrupulously dismissed by the leftist ideologues that populate the mainstream media and other commentary outlets. .

In the intro episode, the editor of OpIndia explains what listeners can expect from the brand new podcast. Sharma, who says he took the pen because others sold theirs, will discuss the brutality with which Islamists and the left eliminate those they disagree with, as evidenced by the concerted attack on the Hindus for simply denouncing the Islamic invasions of India or “Sar Tan Se Juda” campaign against Hindus which resulted in the death of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, Umesh Kolhe in Amravati, and many others.

“I’m here to deliver a harsh dose of reality. Over the years, we have closely followed the brutality with which Islamists and the left hunt down those with whom they disagree.

“In this podcast, I want to talk about topics that the corporate media and payroll commentators would never want us to talk about… Let’s talk about the topics they don’t want us to talk about, let’s talk about the things they want us to talk about. let’s talk shut up, shout out, be heard, don’t get discouraged, let’s survive.” Sharma concludes in the intro episode of the OpIndia podcast.

Episodes are released every Saturday and accessible here or wherever you get your podcasts.


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