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A local business diversifies to launch a podcast studio.

Two Birds Furniture, an Okotoks company that specializes in salvaging old wooden structures and building furniture with reclaimed materials, will create a space for rent to local creatives.

Fashionably, the studio will be located in a former dormitory.

Two Birds co-owner Clint Pigeon has provided details on what it would have originally been used for.

“It would have been used either during harvest season or during calving season, and they would have come out with a team and horses. There would have been two of them, a dormitory and a kitchen cart, and they would have stayed there -low during the harvest. of the calving season for a long time. It would have had a dividing wall with a belly stove to heat it which went out with the whole installation, so there is a bedroom and living quarters in this small 240 square foot mobile unit.

He says he was in surprisingly good condition and they were lucky to have him in the first place.

“Calgary annexed the land when we were acquiring a barn, and it was going to be razed and burned down like a lot of other buildings, so we ended up talking to the client and she was more than willing to let us know. transformed into something usable again I guess you would call it luck because most of the time they are donated to historical sites to be restored or they are already gone because the current structure is a bit rotten.

That doesn’t mean it’s been an easy job for them.

“It was a little more in-depth than we initially thought. Just based on the insulation value, it’s very, very old paper insulation on the inside, so we had to re-insulate, remove everything upholstery, put new Tyvek, new windows, new It’s a pretty big overhaul, but it doesn’t look like it because we used a lot of our materials that we salvaged from the The interior itself will be modern/rustic with a few exposed beams,” says Clint.

They still have work to do, namely the interior and the installation of the audio capture hardware.

Despite its rustic appearance, they will equip it with all modern conveniences.

“There will be a table for four people in there, a sofa, coffee machines, you will have access to all the power necessary to operate the equipment that will be in there, microphones, mixers, computers and all that kind of stuff. We’ve built furniture that we’re going to put in there as well, so it’s kind of going to be a little oasis that you can walk in and record.

That’s not the only way Clint and his wife Robyn are branching out.

They wrote a book during the pandemic which was released digitally last year, with plans for an in-person launch in the coming months.

The Working Life of Husband and Wife details Clint and Robyn’s experience as a couple who own and run a business together, and the trials and tribulations that come with it.

Clint says it was a pandemic project.

“We were only working 40 hours a week, so we got bored and decided to write a book about what you go through living and working together, being married, all that stuff.”

Clint reveals one of the tips from his and Robyn’s book.

They are also launching their own podcast which will cover a similar topic to the book while engaging other local couples who run businesses together.

Robyn says there are plenty of local couples who would make perfect candidates.

“In the area, we had the opportunity to meet quite a few husband and wife teams, because there seem to be a handful of them here in town. Even before writing the book, you just have to meet them, d ‘getting their experiences, and hearing some of their stories, there’s definitely some common ground.”

Robyn thinks the podcast will have something for all couples.

The Pigeons are targeting February to launch both their podcast and the studio.

They will hold a signing event at Yooneek Books on January 22.

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