Norm Zadeh’s hysterically funny revealing new book, the Rise and Fall of PERFECT 10, just released on Amazon

A behind-the-scenes look at Perfect 10 magazine, Dr Norman Zadeh, Lotfi Zadeh (creator of fuzzy logic), Fox News madness, court madness, and stories involving Lucille Ball, Joan Rivers and other celebrities.

LOS ANGELES, August 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The rise and fall of PERFECT 10, available for purchase on Amazon, contains extraordinarily entertaining stories from the life of Perfect 10 Magazine founder, Norman Zadeh (aka Zada).

“The Rise and Fall of Perfect 10”

From the late 90s to the mid-2000s, Perfect 10 was the unequivocal adult men’s magazine, showcasing gorgeous, all-natural women without implants. The magazine has been adopted by the entertainment industry to glorify natural female beauty.

Founded in 1996 by Norman Zadeh (a former professor of applied mathematics at Stanford, poker author, hedge fund manager, NBA handicap champion, organizer of the US Investing Championship, Joan rivers “Boy toy” and the son of Lotfi Zadeh – creator of fuzzy logic), Perfect 10 was launched when one of Norm’s friends was turned down by Playboy.

“What can I do to make this poor girl feel better?” Norm Zadeh demand. “I guess I’m going to have to start my own all-natural magazine and put it in there.”

Immediately after its launch, Perfect 10 received massive media exposure. Norm and his daughters have appeared on The Howard Stern Show, among other major shows, and the magazine has been featured in numerous films including American Pie (1999) and Knocked Up (2007), and television series such as The Sopranos (1997-2007).

Back when Norm was a teenager he tried to “have daughters” by counting to 1 million and multiplying the big numbers. Neither worked. He then tried playing the piano and drawing circuit boards on his desk. These worked a little better, but not well enough.

When he was cute as a button (ages 5-16), Norm spoke and pretty much touched the air when it came to the opposite sex. Nothing. This led him to conclude that the only entities who found him sexually attractive were women over 65 and gay men. When he finally found the money, but was so old he couldn’t remember his name, things finally got better.

In The rise and fall of Perfect 10, Norm details these experiences, including his relationship to Lucille ball after that Joan rivers. Along with Norm’s celebrity relationships, the revealer features some extremely funny behind-the-scenes stories from Perfect 10 magazine and the beautiful women it features, including model Victoria’s Secret. Marisa Miller (who first appeared on the cover of issue 5). There are also unforgettable stories involving Howard Stern, Gerard Butler, Alec baldwin, Britney spears, Brett Ratner, and other familiar names.

In addition, the book provides excerpts from an interview with Cathi O’Malley, that of Hugh Hefner ex-girlfriend, which contains shocking revelations about what happened inside the Playboy Mansion.

Some of the chapters of The rise and fall of Perfect 10 that readers are sure to find interesting include:

Lucille ball – It’s not a kiss. I’ll show you what a kiss is “

“Is Fox News going to destroy America?” “

“Goldzilla destroys Beverly Hills”

“A hitman in the Fox parking lot”

“Joan Rivers — What part of Joan’s body can I kiss? ‘No part'”

“How the Ninth Circuit Destroyed Copyright”

“Tales from the game world”

“The stab is alive and well in academia”

“Using computers to improve our justice system”

“Why the US budget cannot be balanced without a trade surplus”

If you want to die laughing, this book is for you!

To interview Norman Zadeh (and discover his solution for Fox News and Tucker carlson), contact Eileen Koch from EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or [email protected].



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