Nicole Walters relaunches the podcast and partners with Dear Media


Entrepreneur and TV personality Nicole Walters has relaunched her self-titled podcast “The Nicole Walters Podcast” with a new partner – Dear Media.

For the third season of the “Nicole Walters Podcast,” Walters – who is best known as the star of USA Networks’ family comedy “She’s the Boss” – teamed up with the podcast company to rename the show where she coaches listeners on ways to “grow your network and monetize your life” using the business strategies she’s mastered in her 10 years as a Fortune 500 executive.

“I have found my greatest passion in connecting with everyday women and helping them find their purpose,” Walters said in a statement announcing the move. “I want the ‘Nicole Walters Podcast’ to inspire listeners with honest, funny and focused conversations and takeaways.”

To partner with her “media soulmate,” Dear Media, “a company focused on elevating female voices in the podcast space for the revamped show,” she added, “ I’m excited to share my stories, connect with new people, and together with Dear Media, bring more laughter and learning to my internet besties everywhere.

In the podcast trailer – which airs Tuesday, May 3 – Walters explains that each week on the show she will share the keys to “living a meaningful life” and answer questions from listeners seeking advice on “ life, business and everything else.

Before Walters and her family, including her husband Josh and their three daughters, opened up their lives to the cameras in the United States, she was a best-selling business executive and successful blogger who garnered attention mass when she left her job selling six figures in front of 10,000 people on Periscope. Since then, Walters has created a multi-million dollar personal development and business education brand, sharing his expertise to help other emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners.

The news comes after Walters signed a deal with Simon Element, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, to publish his yet-to-be-titled memoir in 2023. Leah Trouwborst, editor at Simon Element, acquired the book of the CAA entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Walters is represented by CAA.


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