Nick Egan Times Releases Best Business News Podcast at Annual Review Rumble Awards for 2022


SYDNEY, NSW / May 10, 2022 / In a year where podcasts have become highly controversial, with boycotts and cancellation attempts, one podcast has stood above the noise and released the Review Rumble podcast Best Business Information.

“In a crowded field, Nick Egan manages to get the most out of his interviewees without being deliberately confrontational or controversial,” says Connor McCloud, Review Rumble’s senior reviewer. “These podcasts are essential for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and employees who want to contribute more positively to their respective businesses.”

Podcasts are the fastest growing media sector, with projections that podcast listeners will represent 20.3% of all internet users globally, or more than 424 million listeners worldwide.

Nick Egan acknowledged the Review Rumble award and said he believes the key to his podcasting success is encouraging critical thinking, discussion and action among his audience.

“I think people barely understand how powerful podcasts can be and awards like Review Rumble recognize that,” Egan says. “But you have to make sure they’re done right. A voice can engage an audience much better than the words on a page. This voice promotes trust, and it is trust that ultimately leads people to relate to the experiences of others.

The recipe for podcasting success

Nick Egan Times has generated a lot of buzz online, with 5 star ratings and positive reviews, it is ranked in the 0.2% of all podcasts worldwide and has consistently topped the charts for all genres and countries with specific episodes. has published.

According to Egan, interviews on his podcast give guests international exposure. It also introduces them to a market they may not have traction in or need to access through interviews.

The motivation behind its high-quality, experience-driven podcast is the explicit goal of connecting with audiences as well as serving the larger community of podcasters.

“Having guests from various professions on my podcast gives listeners something to consume and contemplate,” says host Nick Egan. “It gives specific insights, experiences, stories and information to our listeners.”

With guests from a variety of backgrounds, Nick Egan Times provides listeners with information they may not be aware of, as well as information from people sharing real stories.

“The heart and soul of my podcast comes from collaborating with big names from various fields. It takes listeners on a sonic journey through the different life stories, backgrounds, professions, niches, failures and their successes of my guests,” says Egan.

By sharing the journeys, knowledge and thought leadership of a wide range of industry professionals, Nick Egan Times uncovers inspiring stories and actionable advice, encouraging listeners to learn from the experts and become the best version of themselves.

Nick Egan Times is available at Apple podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Google Podcasts.

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