New Indie Soundfall is a perfect blend of action and rhythm


Rhythm games are arguably one of the most creative video game genres. They challenge the player’s sense of timing and rhythm while masterfully blending music and action. Simulation games like Rock band to physical dance games like dance dance revolution, the genre has gone through various iterations that attempt to reach new heights. However, in recent years, the indie game scene has adjusted the scope of rhythm games to focus on action first and music second.

Developed by Drastic Games and published by Noodlecake Studios, sound drop is an isometric roguelike dungeon-crawler rhythm-based looter shooter indie game released on May 11. online multiplayer, plus community generated levels. Currently, it features over 120 levels with a cast of five playable characters and custom tracks for PC gamers.

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sound drop takes place in an alternate world called Symphonia, where sound and songs are created. The game begins with a talented audiophile called Melody who has been transported to the world of Symphonia to fulfill the prophecy of becoming a Keeper of Harmony. These guardians are tasked with restoring harmony and protecting the world of Symphonia from the Discordians, evil monsters that corrupt the songs and demolish the rhythm.

Otherwise, sound dropThe game loop is easy to understand for all age groups and skill levels. Simply put, players must defeat enemies (Discordians) to save a song from corruption and clear the level. The game’s main mechanic revolves around a metronome tuned to the rhythm of the level song that players and enemies follow. For example, character dashes and attacks must be done with rhythm to grant invincibility and extra damage. Likewise, enemy attacks are along the beat, meaning the flow and speed of a level is dictated by that stage’s track.

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Although sound dropare procedurally generated, the game’s visuals and art style make up for the randomness. The world is bright, colorful and interactive, so different elements of the terrain will move with the beat to solidify the idea of ​​the musical world of Symphonia. Otherwise, sound dropThe music of spans different genres that affect game mechanics, visuals, and player experience. This provides an engaging audio-visual experience that flows smoothly between sound and animation.

sound drop also rewards Guardians with different weapons and armor that bring small changes to game mechanics. Loot includes weapons of different elements, character-exclusive armor and modifiers. The rarity and gear system is inspired by looter shooters like Fate and Borderlands. However, sound drop suffers from repetitive levels and outdated mechanics, which dull the game’s potential. Every player’s experience and gameplay loop will remain the same from start to finish.

sound drop is the newest entry in the Dungeon Crawlers roguelike action rhythm video game genre. This type of niche game was popularized by Crypt of the NecroDancerwho sound drop derives most of its gameplay elements. Although the game looks nice and plays smoothly, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of gameplay. Still, sound drop has a lot to offer, and gamers who love insane action rhythm games and great music will almost certainly enjoy it.


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