New Canaan front yard destroyed gay pride sign

NEW CANAAN – Tom Butterworth said he found the gay pride sign he placed on his front lawn torn up on a property a few houses away on Friday morning.

The city councilor said the staples were removed from the sign, which was found torn and thrown to the ground outside a neighbor’s house.

“I think it was a reflection of an angry person having a bad week, not New Canaan as a whole,” Butterworth said. “Society is much more tolerant than in the past, but unfortunately intolerance still exists. We have to work on this, which is why we are installing lawn panels. “

Hilary Ormond, who handed out the signs, said it was the second time she had heard of theft or damage.

New Canaan Police Lt. Jason Ferraro said no incidents were reported to the department.

Ormond handed out the signs to celebrate June, the pride month designated to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of June 1969. She said it was the second pride she heard of being stolen or damaged.

“The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive,” Ormond said of his experiences distributing panels around New Canaan.

Ormond said she had placed nearly 150 signs on the lawn and distributed 75 window hangers to local merchants.

“It’s a terrible shame that two signs have been taken, and at least one of them appears to have been vandalized, but it says more about this person or people than the vast majority of the good and supportive people that we have it here, ”Ormand said.

The Chamber of Commerce has been “extremely helpful in reaching traders,” Ormond added.

“Overall we’re overwhelmed – in a very good way – with the outpouring of support from the community,” Ormond said.

The desire to recognize Pride Month in New Canaan has “been showing up” for the past few years, said Ormond. Although she identifies as a straight cisgender woman, she has family members and friends who are LGBTQIA, she said.

Ornomd said a few years ago, gay friends raising their families in New Canaan “wondered why there was little or no recognition of pride.” It was then that they decided to “do something”.

His friends in Darien had encouraged their town leaders to hang flags on town buildings and community members to post signs in their homes.

“We decided to do the same,” she said.

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