More podcasters are sending promotional videos to YouTube, says Headliner. | Daily News Podcast


Headliner, the company that lets users create promo videos to promote their podcast, radio show or blog and then share them on social media, says a growing number of producers are placing promos on YouTube. In data shared by the company, Headliner says what started as a trickle in October now accounts for most of where its videos end up.

“Over the new year, we’ve seen auto-publishing on YouTube overtake manual publishing as the most popular way to share Headliner videos directly on social media,” Headliner writes in a blog post. He says what attracts podcasters and others is the fact that being on YouTube means they’re indexed in one of the best search engines in the world. There’s also the ability to easily share things via YouTube links and taking advantage of YouTube’s autoplay, this can give shows a way to give someone quick exposure at the start of a podcast. Their advice is to put something interesting in a cold opening in order to hook the potential listener.

The company also announced several updates to its automatic posting of Headliner videos to YouTube. It says users can now use data from their RSS feed to customize YouTube information with episode descriptions, episode titles, episode links or episode numbers. And an upcoming update will allow users to select which playlist they want to add the videos to.

In addition to YouTube, Headliner allows users to post promotional videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and wherever video is featured.


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