Michael Cohen reveals what Donald Trump really thinks about the LGBTQ / LGBTQ Nation community

Michael Cohen, the former “repairman” and personal lawyer for former President Donald Trump, appeared on the Raw Story Podcast to discuss the latest developments in the criminal investigations into his former boss. Cohen, serving a sentence of limited house arrest following federal convictions for tax evasion and campaign finance violations, was asked about Trump’s real feelings toward LGBTQ people.

Cohen shared his belief that Trump “doesn’t care if you’re LGBTQ, because you don’t mean anything to him,” and “he’s fundamentally rejected by the community.” He then shared a story in which Trump pointed out that he knew someone who “hates” having a gay son.

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First, Cohen details his clashes as he was walking around (permitted under the restrictions of his house sentence) when he was verbally approached by a Trump supporter in Central Park. He brushed it off at first, but the same woman approached him a few days later in the park.

“The next thing I know, right in my face, is this lady again, her second time… this time I was listening to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’,” Cohen recalls. The Queen’s song prompted Cohen to respond to insults and negative remarks from the woman and record her tirade.

“It’s typical of what Trump does to people,” Cohen noted. “It’s almost like she has the power to act like a complete asshole.”

He added, “[she] interfered with Queen, and this is simply unacceptable.

Shannyn Moore, co-host of the podcast, said, “Pretty much everything you’ve predicted over the past two years has come true. You’re kind of a Nostradamus on anything Trump-y has to do. The host asks Cohen what he thinks is going to happen next to Trump and his associates, with the opening of New York. a grand jury of criminal investigation investigating Trump’s business activity.

“It’ll be like the Olympic gymnastics team,” Cohen remarked, “it’s going to turn around everywhere.”

Mike Rogers, co-host of the podcast, then asks Cohen: “What does Donald Trump think of the Central Park Five, [Barack] Obama’s nationality and the LGBT community? “

Cohen responds that he was not working for Trump at that time since he was “in college or high school” at that time, but that it is “well documented” that Trump “is a racist.”

Of Trump’s predecessor, Cohen said, “Barack Obama is a thorn in Trump’s big ass. There is no other way to tell. He cites Obama’s race, intelligence and the fact that “he is truly universally loved”.

As for LGBTQ people, Cohen said, “He thinks of them as much as he thinks of… you know, nothing. He doesn’t care about the community. In fact, he is mostly rejected by the community.

Cohen once quotes Trump apparently telling him, “Oh, you know, ‘a friend of mine has a son, who’s gay, and you know, he’s really rich … his dad hates that.’ ‘

“So that’s not true. I know the family. Father doesn’t hate it, ”Cohen pointed out. “Now, would the father prefer him to be, you know, straight?” I do not know. I never asked him… maybe yes, no, I don’t know. It’s none of my business, it’s between them. But Trump then comes to a standstill.

This is proof to Cohen that Trump “has no respect for anyone. He doesn’t care if you’re black, right? He doesn’t love you. He doesn’t care that you’re white, he doesn’t really like you either – unless, of course, you’re a Trump supporter. Right?

“He doesn’t care if you’re LGBTQ because you don’t mean anything to him. That’s the problem, man has no relationship. I mean, that’s why Donald Trump doesn’t have any friends.

He then compares how Obama had friends from college and his pre-presidential days visiting him and would be welcomed into the White House, to how Trump had no friends or people he was welcoming. “People tell me, ‘I’m a friend of Donald Trump,'” Cohen said, to whom he replied, “I know you’re lying.”

Cohen went on to say that while he wasn’t completely ignorant of Trump before working for him in 2007 – when he was the face of network television’s biggest reality show, The apprentice, and half-owner of Miss Universe – he hadn’t foreseen what would become of him and how his presidential administration would become.

He pointed out how he didn’t. “Yeah, I worked for a monster,” Cohen admitted.

“My wife, my kids begged me, begged me not to take the job… they begged me to resign,” he recalls, admitting that Trump was “disrespectful to my daughter” in front of him. He still couldn’t afford to stop.

“I almost felt guilty… it’s weird: the cult of Trump is a cult. Plain and simple, he’s no different from any other cult leader, and he’s the Jim Jones.

Cohen said later the indictments against Barry Weisselberg and Allen Weisselberg will be the first. Barry Weisselberg was the director of the Wollman Rink in Central Park, operated by the Trump organization from 2001 to 2021, and Allen Weisselberg is the chief financial officer of the Trump organization.

Cohen then said he believed Trump would be charged after that, before the summer. It will be the “first time in his life” that he will be held responsible “for his dirty act,” Cohen noted.

Cohen said he believed Trump would face a “hybrid” form of punishment from the justice system as opposed to jail time because sending a former president to jail is unprecedented and could cause complex issues, such as the protection of secret services and sensitive national security. information.

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