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New season of documentary series podcast to be released in honor of late rapper MF DOOM.

Podcast “Have I ever told you about …” is set to release a new season of docuseries to honor the life, legacy and work of MF DOOM.

This season is called “Did I Ever Tell You The One About… MF DOOM” and was created by the New York rapper turned podcaster. MC Serch with the approval of the widow and estate of MF DOOM.

This is the second season of Serch’s podcast, the first was an inaugural season centered around Big Daddy Kane.

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MC Serch and MF DOOM were former collaborators and friends. DOOM and Serch first met when DOOM was 14, according to a tribute piece written by Serch earlier this year after DOOM’s death in October 2020.

Serch’s former band 3rd Bass produced a single called The Gas Face in 1989, which featured an appearance by a young MF DOOM, real name Daniel Dumile, as Zev Love X.

The episodes will take a close look at the life and career of rapper MF DOOM, from his debut as Zev Love X and his first band KMD to his reappearance as the elusive emcee with the signature mask.

He will explore how he became a notable figure in underground hip hop and alternative hip hop in the 2000s, best known for his sophisticated pun, signature metal mask, and “supervillain” stage appearance.

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Stories of parents, friends and a who’s who of hip hop superstars are featured in this ten-episode season. These podcast stories are told through immersive sound design, with music from DOOM as the soundtrack.

DOOM passed away last year on Halloween, with his death being announced on New Years Eve.

“Did I Ever Tell You The One About… MF DOOM” will debut on October 25 with a two-part special. Thereafter, new episodes will be released every week.

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