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the Friends The special was one of the highlights on television this week, but viewers in China were unable to see the entire show as references to LGBTI communities were cut from the show.

Seventeen years after recording the last episode of the decade-long sitcom, stars Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Le Blanc and Matthew Perry have come together to remember.

The show special saw them roam the pieced together set of the show, leading a playtable of some memorable moments of the moment and chatting with James Corden about the experience of making the hit show.

However, when the program aired in China, broadcasters cut out several sections. Chinese broadcasters are enforcing a self-censorship code that aims to remove content that could be offensive to the public and the ruling Communist Party. Entertainment bible Variety documented what was cut from Chinese transmissions.

While the global audience got to see Lady Gaga sit down with Lisa Kudrow to perform the song Fragrant cat, Chinese broadcasts in section before the appearance of Gaga and her choir. The reason is probably not the scent feline defense, but rather Gaga has been out of favor in China since she met the Dali Lama in 2016.

Justin Bieber has also been deleted. He appeared in a catwalk presentation alongside Cindy Crawford and Cara Delevingne which highlighted the show’s fashion and costumes. Bieber was able to present David Schwimmer’s “ Spudnik ” outfit to most audiences, but the Chinese show ignored his moves. Bieber is banned in China for being a bad influence.

Throughout the show, there were also clips from fans around the world sharing their love for the show, but sections referring to LGBTIQ + communities were removed. German fan Ricardo opened up about how Jennifer Aniston’s hair inspired him was left out, as did a clip where a woman referred to her same-sex partner.

the Friends meeting is available to stream on Foxtel and Foxtel Binge.

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