Martha Stewart launches her first original podcast (News Roundup)


In today’s podcast roundup, home guru Martha Stewart teams up with iHeartMedia for a talk show podcast; ESPN expands partnership with Peyton Manning for new podcast slate; Audible taps Dominic Monaghan for a new version of Sherlock Holmes’ famous nemesis, Moriarty; SiriusXM Launches ‘Marvel’s Wastelanders: Wolverine’ Original Scripted Podcast; and more.


Martha Stewart is no stranger to podcasts — and she’s been a mainstay on TV, magazines, and other media for years. Now she hosts her first-ever original podcast series, “The Martha Stewart Podcast,” set to premiere June 22, produced in partnership with iHeartRadio. The talk show-style series will feature Stewart in intimate interviews with a range of influencers she has met over the course of her career, with the first episode featuring her friend and business partner Snoop Dogg. Other guests will include Kris Jenner, Alex Rodriguez, creative collaborators Kevin Sharkey and Douglas Friedman, and international plant explorer Dan Hinkley. “The Martha Stewart Podcast” also promises listeners insight into her daily life through never-before-seen audio diary segments. The show will be distributed by the iHeartPodcast network and available on all major audio platforms.

Audible announced a July 7 premiere date for “Moriarty: The Devil’s Game” an original scripted podcast featuring Dominique Monaghan (“Lost”, The Lord of the Rings film series). The 10-part story is a new addition to the Sherlock Holmes universe, asking the question: What if Holmes’ most evil nemesis was actually an innocent man? The series casts Professor James Moriarty as a desperate fugitive accused of murder – and hunted down by dark forces who will stop at nothing to exploit his genius. In addition to Monaghan, the cast includes Bill Boyd, Phil LaMarr, Adam Godley, Curtis Armstrong, Josh Robert Thompson, Lindsay Whisler, Carlo Rota, Victoria Smurfit, Billy Harris and Rebecca Mader. “Moriarty: The Devil’s Game” was written and produced by Treefort Media. The series will be available exclusively on Audible (at this link).

The Smithsonian premiered the eighth season of his flagship podcast “The Side Door” Wednesday, June 15 – kicking off with a sex ed lesson about giant pandas. The first episode explores the unexpected challenge that veterinarians, scientists and animal care experts at the DC National Zoo have faced for 50 years: why it’s so hard for giant pandas to make baby pandas. The new season of “Sidedoor,” hosted by Lizzie Peabody, will feature 15 episodes covering topics ranging from the importance of lawns in American society to the people who work to preserve art and cultural heritage around the world in times of crisis. This season will also include spooky ghost stories and special holiday-themed episodes exploring some famous year-end traditions. The podcast is a collaboration between the Smithsonian and PRX.

Cadence13’s C13 Originals created “History is us” Wednesday, June 15. The six-part series on race and history, hosted by an academic and author Dr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr., explores the critical moments in American history that defined the nation’s trajectory on race. Guests will include Lonnie Bunch, Secretary of the Smithsonian; Senator Cory Booker; and Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown. Produced and directed by C13 Originals and Jon Meacham’s Shining City Audio podcast studio.

marvel entertainment and SiriusXM first original scripted podcast “Marvel Wasteland: Wolverine” Monday, June 13. This is the fourth installment in the “Wastelanders” audio series, following “Marvel’s Wastelanders: Star-Lord”, “Marvel’s Wastelanders: Hawkeye” and “Marvel’s Wastelanders: Black Widow”. The new 10-episode series is written and directed by Jenny Turner Hall, with sound design by Michael Odmark and Daniel Brunell and original music by Rhett Miller and John Burdick. The series stars Robert Patrick as Wolverine and features performances by Ashlie Atkinson (Kitty Pryde), Rachel Crowl (Red Skull), Isabella Ferreira (Sofia), Jennifer Ikeda (Rachel Summers), Justin Min (Justin) , Clarke Peters (Professor X), Daniel Sunjata (Cyclops), and Carl Tart (Kevin).

In “Marvel’s Wastelanders: Wolverine”, Wolverine encounters Sofia, a young mutant in hiding, and swears to deliver her into the safe hands of former X-Men Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers. When Red Skull and his top lieutenant Crossbones frame Wolverine and elevate anti-mutant sentiment to dangerous new levels, our hero realizes his only option may be to face Red Skull and his savage allies head-on – but one truth shocking and terrible can destroy Wolverine first.

The series will initially be available exclusively on the SXM app and Marvel Podcasts Unlimited on Apple Podcasts. Episodes will be widely available a week later on all major American podcast platforms in the United States

2400Audacy Sports will be the first “Hi Mayne,” hosted by a former longtime ESPN personality Kenny Mayne, June 23. The weekly podcast – subtitled “The Kenny Mayne Talks to Famous People Podcast” – will mix sports culture with entertainment, politics, music, comedy and beyond. Each week, Mayne will talk to someone he knows a little – and is fascinated by a lot. Guests are expected to include former NBA player Jamal Crawford, sports journalist Jemele Hill, author Sarah Kendzior, sports commentator Chris Berman, writer-director-actor-musician Christopher Guest, actor and comedian Ben Schwartz . Listen to the trailer at this link.

Trekthe influencer podcast network which is a joint venture between Audacy’s Cadence13 and UTA, has announced the launch of “justification” a new weekly podcast hosted by a content creator Hyram Yarbro where he will explore issues ranging from mental health to how to have a positive social impact on skincare. Hyram shot to fame in 2020 through his viral TikTok videos and now has over 12 million social media followers. “Justaposition” will launch with two episodes on June 16 on all major platforms, with subsequent episodes available on Thursdays. Hyram is represented by Hansen Jacobson and UTA, who brokered the deal with Ramble.


ESPN expanded its relationship with Peyton Manning and his Omaha Productions company for a new line of original podcasts initially launched with six titles produced by Omaha Productions. The podcast deal builds on ESPN’s relationship with Peyton and Eli Manning for an alternate “Monday Night Football” TV show. Omaha Productions’ ESPN podcasts are:

  • “The VC Show” (Vince Carter & Ros Gold-Onwude) – June 20: Eight-time NBA All-Star Vince Carter and co-host Ros Gold-Onwude talk all things basketball with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment.
  • “Courtside Club” (Rachel DeMita) – June 20: Host and influencer Rachel DeMita chats with the biggest athletes, celebrities, influencers and creative minds about sports, pop culture and the experiences that made them what they are. they are today.
  • ‘Moxie Bets’ (Katie Mox) – June 20: Betting expert Katie Mox and her merry band of gambling insiders preview lines, spreads, parlays and props with personality and the kind of advice you they would give themselves.
  • ‘Always College Football’ (Greg McElroy) – July 5: ESPN college football analyst Greg McElroy takes a deep dive into the sport with the biggest names on and off the field.
  • “The Cam Heyward Show” – July 11: The Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle and five-time Pro Bowler gives his unfiltered opinion on the league and headlines in all sports, welcoming guests including athletes, coaches and celebrities to talk about sports, pop culture and more. .
  • “Soup With Coop” (Cooper Manning) – July 18: Cooper Manning invites players and coaches of all sports to share stories and laugh while enjoying a bowl of his guest’s favorite soup. When the soup is over, the conversation ends.

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