Managing the Madrid Podcast: Castilla vs Badajoz post game


In this episode of the Managing Madrid podcast, Kristofer McCormack, Ruben Skjerping and Hridyam Arora discuss:

  • Noel López marks his first start
  • Castilla’s incredible depth of attack
  • No minutes for Álvaro Leiva. Is Raúl sending a signal?
  • Does Arribas need media help to convince Ancelotti?
  • The potential of Carlos Dotor
  • The fall of Deportivo and the return to Guti’s taconazo at Riazor
  • How important is the Copa del Rey? Should Castilla players be given more opportunities?

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Hosts this week:

Ruben Skjerping (@RubenPMN)

Kristofer McCormack (@CastillaCorner)

Hridyam Arora (@hridorora22)


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