Man could lose sight after attack in Birmingham gay village

A man fears he will lose his eyesight after being beaten in an unprovoked attack in Birmingham’s gay village.

Matt Brooks had to undergo emergency surgery on a fractured eye socket to relieve pressure on his eyeball following the vicious assault.

And he thinks the striker has struck before – and will do it again.

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Matt was targeted while sitting outside the Urban Kitchen fast food restaurant in the early hours of last Thursday (September 30).

He says it’s the fourth time he’s been attacked in just over a year.

The deputy manager of the Edgbaston pub told BirminghamLive: “I had finished work by midnight and went for a few pints at the Missing Bar.

“The closing time was around 2 am and I crossed the road to buy some crisps. I sat down against the Urban Kitchen window when a guy came out of nowhere and just hit me.

Matt Brooks was beaten in an unprovoked attack in Birmingham’s gay village

“It was completely unprovoked and it went straight for me. I have no real recollection of it.

“The first thing I remember was being on the ground and there was a firefighter on leave and another man, both bystanders, helping me. I can’t thank them enough.”

It follows a series of homophobic attacks in that part of Birmingham in recent months and came just days after the city’s pride celebrations.

The 52-year-old, who is gay, believes the attack on him was a hate crime, adding: “It’s around and now is the time. I could have been an easy target. could have been a hate This is more than likely.

“He just hit me and made a runner. It wasn’t a fight. It was a good punch.

“At the moment, the doctors are trying to keep the pressure on my eye with tablets and eye drops. It has fractured the lower part of the eye socket on the left side. If this continues, it could cause me to lose it. view.

“They’ve already had to have emergency surgery to keep me from going blind from the pressure in the eyeball. If it had lasted any longer, I would have gone blind already, but there’s still a chance that it happens. “

Matt’s friends reported the attack after he was rushed to hospital before he returned home to rest.

“This guy could still be there today or tomorrow. He needs to be stopped,” Matt said. “My boss thinks he employed him at another workplace and said he beat a guy with a belt.”

He was kicked off his bike and threatened with a knife last year. Last November a bettor threw chairs at him, butted him and spat on him and just before the restrictions ended another customer attacked him this summer.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said on Sunday morning (October 3): ‘We have now contacted the victim and our investigation is progressing.

“Hostility and prejudice against people because of their race, sexual orientation, disability, faith, age or gender are hate crimes. And, like all hate crimes, we will vigorously investigate and prosecute offenders. “

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