Lydia Meredith’s Twitter name causes hilarious confusion for Naseer


Survivor 41’s Naseer Muttalif was confused by Season 42’s Lydia Meredith’s Twitter name Lydia Chlamydia in a hilarious tweet from his wife Diana.

Survivor 42-year-old Lydia Meredith appears to have confused some people with her name on Twitter, including 41-year-old Naseer Muttalif. Lydia, a 22-year-old waitress from Los Angeles, was one of 18 castaways in the final season of Survivor and a member of the Vati tribe. She immediately allied with Hai Giang and the two formed a tight pair, successfully battling their entire tribe to keep Lydia in their first Tribal Council.

Lydia quickly won over fans with her body-positive storyline and Gen Z-style humor. half of the season. And Lydia’s fun presence on Twitter has definitely influenced her positive fan reception, earning her more than 13,000 followers since the Season 42 cast announcement in February. Her name on the social media platform, “Lydia Chlamydia”, caused a stir, with many of her fans calling themselves “Chlamydianators”.


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Like Survivor fans and alumni shared their thoughts on the new episode on Twitter, a big star was a Tweeter from the wife of season 41 Naseer alum, Diana Muttalif. Diana shared a conversation the two had while watching, in which Naseer expressed his joy of Lydia on the show, “I love Lydia Chlamydia. I hope she doesn’t come home.“Diana just found out that Lydia’s name online may have confused Naseer, as it has for many other fans who may not be aware of Gen Z humor. See the Diana’s full tweet here:

Naseer, a fan favorite from his own season, hails from Sri Lanka. He shared that he learned English by watching Survivor, so it’s understandable that words like chlamydia aren’t so familiar to her. His upbeat attitude and love for those around him is what made him so popular in his season in the first place. Unfortunately for Naseer (and many other “chlamydianators”), Lydia was caught off guard during the final pre-merge start in Episode 6.

When asked about Naseer and Lydia meeting, Diana replied “There’s nothing I’d love more than to see them interact in real life. Naseer doesn’t understand Gen Z.“It’s always fun to see former castaways cheering on current players, so interactions like this bring a lot of joy. And it’s not the end for Lydia Chlamydia, as we’re sure to continue to see her. around the Twitter sphere, cheering on her castmates for the rest of Survivor season 42.

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Source: Diana Muttalif (via Twitter)

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