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Los Angeles Comic Con, LA’s biggest event for comics, games, sci-fi and pop culture, will no longer be limited to just one event. He’s launching a new podcast that will take his unique take on pop culture each week. In collaboration with iHeartRadio, Comikaze Entertainment, parent company of LA Comic Con, launches the Comic Con Meta*Pod series.

Hosted by Hector Navarro (podcast host for Nerdist Book Club!, SpongeBob BingePants and Heroes Reforged!) and arts/culture critic Joelle Monique (writer for Teen Vogue, Playboy and Vulture), Comic Con Meta*Pod will bring fans the hottest nerd in the news headlines, celebrity interviews, fiery Q&A battles between their favorite fan clubs, detailed deep dives into fandoms, heated nerd debates, and musical spotlights with celebrities and themed groups.

“Our hosts, Hector and Joelle, have great chemistry and will be an awesome duo for listeners to hear some of the most beloved names in comics, video games, anime, film, TV , etc.,” said Chris DeMoulin, CEO of Comikaze. “It will also be a surefire way to keep the community up to date with the latest industry news each week, giving LA Comic Con a solid footing in the digital world. as new media becomes the dominant form of sharing information and connecting with expansion. intelligent audience.”

Each week, Comic Con Meta*Pod will feature an eclectic mix of interviews with celebrities, comic book creators and entertainment pros who bring your favorite pop culture media to life, discussing all your favorite genres of science- fiction, video games, anime, comics, film and television. Confirmed guests for future episodes include big name actors such as Donald Faison (Scrubs, Clueless), Seth Green (Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Austin Powers) and Sarah Chalke (Rick and Morty); as well as the creative minds behind some of the most famous comic book creations such as Trina Robbins (Wonder Woman), Peter David (The Incredible Hulk) and Jim Krueger (Justice).

“When iHeart partnered with Los Angeles Comic Con, I was thrilled. To be able to work with such an incredible team, including Los Angeles Comic Con’s Chris Riley and the very talented Hector Navarro, has been an honor,” said Monique, who also works as an executive producer for the iHeartPodcast network. “We look forward to hearing from the global convention community. We’re honored to introduce our show to the amazing people who make pop culture conventions so special.”

Each show will consist of a preview of the latest nerd news headlines, where Joelle and Hector recap the best pop culture stories of the week. It will be followed by guest interviews. Then each episode will end with a rotating segment, including but not limited to: Q&A battles, nerd debates, deep dives of expert fandom, musical spotlights with celebrities and bands. themes, and recommendations for reading comics.

Comic Con Meta*Pod is distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network and new episodes will be released every Wednesday. The show kicked off this week with a May 4 Star Wars special featuring Mandalorian actor Giancarlo Esposito, Clone Wars and Bad Batch composer Kevin Kiner, and an epic battle between The Droid Builders and The Mandalorian Mercs.


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