John Rosso becomes president and CEO of Triton Digital. | Daily News Podcast


Sixteen years after co-founding Triton Digital, Neal Schore is stepping down as CEO of the digital audio technology company to take on a new role as a management consultant. His replacement in the corner office is longtime executive John Rosso, who rose from president of market development to president and CEO of the company.

“I am extremely proud of Triton Digital’s accomplishments and market-leading innovations and achievements, and I look forward to guiding the company as we continue to fuel the growth of the global online audio industry,” said said Rosso. “Neal has always insisted that Triton Digital provide unparalleled service, unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence, and I look forward to building on that legacy, further expanding Triton Digital and contributing even more to industry as we enter the next stage of growth.”

Rosso, a radio veteran who started as an engineer in his hometown of Buffalo and worked his way up to president of the ABC Radio Network, has served as president of market development for Triton since 2012. In that role, he oversaw business development, sales and marketing operations.

Schore co-founded Triton with Mike Agovino at the start of online radio in 2006 to provide radio companies with the technology they needed to expand their online distribution.

“I founded Triton Digital in 2006 to reinvent the online audio industry. It has been extremely rewarding for me to experience Triton Digital delivering innovative technology, attracting the best from the best team and building a base of incredible customers in over 80 countries, and I’m so grateful to our team and our customers for all of their loyalty and trust since we started the business over 16 years ago,” Schore said. “I’m delighted to take on the role of management advisor and continue to support Triton Digital’s customers and employees under John’s exceptional leadership, as Triton Digital continues to carry on our tradition of leading and leading our industry.”

In addition to streaming and ad serving technology, Triton measures audio streaming and podcast listening. The company has gone through two ownership changes in the last four years. EW Scripps Co. bought it for $150 million in cash in October 2018 to expand its position in the global digital audio market, when it owned podcasting platforms Stitcher and Midroll. Then in February 202, iHeartMedia paid Scripps $230 million to complete Triton’s ad technology services, data platforms, and programmatic platforms.


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