Joe Rogan says Kanye West wanted to rethink his podcast studio


The Joe Rogan Experience

  • Joe Rogan revealed Kanye West kicked off a major studio overhaul ahead of his interview with the podcast host last year
  • The artist shared ambitious plans with Rogan that never came to fruition
  • Learn more about the legend of Kanye West here

Last year, Joe Rogan continued his proud tradition of giving fringe politicians with particularly crazy ideas a giant platform when he issued an invitation to an aspiring presidential candidate named Kanye West.

If you don’t have three hours to devote to the conversation, you can also watch this one-minute video which sums up its general essence pretty well.

At this point, it’s hard to be genuinely shocked at anything Kanye does (with the notable exception of releasing an album the day it’s supposed to be released), while one story that l host shared during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience It might have been surprising if this was another guest, which is to be expected as far as West is concerned.

During his conversation with comedian Ms. Pat, Rogan recalled what happened before Kanye appeared on the show and revealed that West had started a unbelievably informal suggestion: rethink the entire podcast studio before it stops.

Here’s what happened (the story starts around 3:45 in the video):

“Before his arrival, there was a time when he wanted to redesign my studio. He’s like, I want to redesign a studio, I want to do it somewhere else. I was like, ‘OK…’

All of a sudden we’re on Facetime and he starts showing me sketches he already has of the new studio he wants to design. He made a studio like a womb! This crazy big studio, he had crazy ideas. His brain is like it’s on kerosene, just constantly.

It’s not clear if Rogan incorporated any of West’s suggestions when he revamped the studio he built in Austin after fleeing California, but based on the noticeable lack of architectural nods. to the female reproductive system, I’ll go out and guess they were largely ignored.


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