Joe Rogan Explains His JRE Podcast Studio Revamp Plan


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Joe Rogan has revealed he’s considering scrapping his iconic podcast studio in favor of a mobile setup that a few other podcasters have adopted.

Since the Joe Rogan Experience began in 2009, the show’s backdrop has ranged from comedy clubs and hotel rooms to Joe’s purpose-built studio in Los Angeles.

After moving to Texas, Rogan’s background underwent an overhaul as he opted for a futuristic setup that draped his new studio all in red. However, that didn’t last too long and the podcast host decided to replicate what he had in LA with a paneled backdrop.

The UFC commentator previously revealed that Kanye West even offered to remodel the studio for him, and while he didn’t go for the idea, Joe considered scrapping the studio setup altogether.

YouTube: JRE Clips

Rogan’s new studio resembles his old LA studio.

During episode 1821 from the JRE podcast, Rogan was chatting with his friends Bert Kreischer and Tom Hinchcliffe when the former talked about his driving habits and how he takes Ubers most often.

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Kreischer specifically pointed out that he doesn’t mind driving around Mercedes Sprinter vans, prompting Rogan to bring up his idea of ​​going mobile with his podcast.

“We talked about…Jamie and I talked about taking one of those Sprinter vans and turning it into a mobile podcast studio!” he said, Kreischer noting that other podcasters — like Jackass star Stev-o — have already started doing so.

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With Rogan being a bit on the road for his comedy shows and UFC events, a mobile setup would likely help him, but it would definitely be a departure from what fans are used to.

The podcast giant hasn’t said if it’s gone beyond the idea stage, but if it thinks about it, it could be something we’ll see happen at some point. So we’ll have to wait and see.


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