It’s happening this week: The most powerful people in podcasting in 2022. | Daily News Podcast


Whether it’s a hot Hollywood talent in front of a podcast studio microphone, a legacy media brand that’s never touched audio before but can’t resist the appeal, or a big-name advertiser concluding that podcasts are the way to sell their product, the industry is on a roll in 2022. But that’s not happening spontaneously. The most powerful people in podcasting in 2022 are the actors who make things happen.

Daily News Podcast and Indoor Radio have compiled a list of the 50 most powerful people in podcasting. Slated for a reveal at this week’s Podcast Movement conference in Dallas, the top 50 includes some of the creatives who set the standards by which podcasters measure themselves. There are also leaders pushing the boundaries of business, from new technologies to new ideas on how to help the industry thrive and grow.

From independent creators who have seen their influence soar as they put a bigger imprint on what people hear, to executives who work for some of America’s biggest companies, the 2022 lineup continues to reflect the growing diversity Of the industry.

To compile the tally, we invited readers and our editors to nominate executives who they believe deserve the spotlight for their work advancing the podcast industry. Our editorial board made the final selections.

This year again, we received hundreds of applications. The top ten list, presented over the past few years, no longer does justice to the industry’s rapidly growing array of talent. So in 2022, we’re honoring 50 podcasting heavyweights, from the executives who set the direction of the industry to the showcase talents that make podcasting attract more people every day.

The most powerful people in podcasting of 2022 will be unveiled at this week’s Podcast Movement conference in Dallas.


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