iHeart recognizes New Union on its podcast network | Daily News Podcast


iHeartMedia has agreed to voluntarily recognize the vote of approximately 110 non-executive iHeart podcast employees to join the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE).

“We are pleased to acknowledge that the company has engaged fairly and in good faith with the process thus far,” the iHeartPodcast Network Organizing Committee said in a tweet. “It’s a relief that it happened like this, but we know it’s incredibly rare and not representative of what most workers face when they form a union.”

This is the latest organizing effort in podcasting. Employees of Gimlet Media and The Ringer led the wave of podcasting unionization when they voted in 2019 to join WGAE. In a first for the podcast industry, writers and producers ratified their first collective agreements last April. Spotify-owned podcast production company Parcast also voted to join the WGAE in September 2020. The union said it was currently in negotiations for its first collective bargaining agreement.

“We are delighted to welcome the storytellers of the iHeartPodcast network to the Guild,” said WGAE Executive Director Lowell Peterson. “A union is essential to ensure that podcast workers are able to build lasting careers in an industry where their contributions have been essential to the rapid and continued growth of the sector.”


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