iHeart Launches Progressive Content Network with Journalist Robert Evans. | Daily News Podcast


Journalist Robert Evans is teaming up with iHeartMedia to launch Cool Zone Media, a new, progressive podcast network. The range includes Evans’ own series It could happen here as well as other new and existing shows. Evans will be responsible for content for Cool Zone Media.

“Cool Zone Media will not mince words – we are currently experiencing the collapse of the known and the birth of a new unknown,” Evans said in the announcement. “This new network will chronicle the journey and provide advice and access to those voices trying to build a better future.”

The new daily series It could happen here will focus on climate change and pick up where Evans’ weekly ten-episode podcast of the same name left off. The first episode is out today (August 16).

Evans will be joined by iHeartPodcast Network executive producer Sophie Lichterman, who will become Cool Zone Media’s chief creative officer, to help organize the network.

Cool Zone Media will launch its second original podcast titled Assault on America in September. Co-produced by British studio Novel, the series will examine the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol. It will also be hosted by Evans.

In addition to his new shows, Evans is also the creator of the podcasts. Behind the bastards, where he tells the tales of some of history’s greatest villains, and After the Revolution, about a fictitious Texas ravaged by civil war.

Other creators joining Cool Zone Media will include rapper and author Jason “Propaganda” Petty, who will bring his podcast with him. Political Hood. He breaks down the seemingly confusing political landscape in an understandable way. And journalist and filmmaker Jake Hanrahan, will also join the network with his current podcast Clearance Q: The Hunt for QAnon. Hanrahan will also collaborate on a list of upcoming shows for Cool Zone Media. Additionally, the network will feature upcoming projects from podcasters Bridget Todd from There are no girls on the internet, and Jamie Loftus of Lolita Podcast and Aack actor, as well as researcher Christopher Wong and journalist Garrison Davis. More podcasts and creators ready to join Cool Zone media will be announced in the coming months.

“We’re excited to launch Cool Zone Media to help raise vital political voices and views that are so often overlooked,” said Will Pearson, COO, iHeartPodcast Network. “With over 100 million downloads on Robert’s current iHeartRadio podcasts, the appetite for this unfiltered brand of investigative journalism is clear, and we know the content creators at Cool Zone Media will inspire a stimulating conversation as Robert and the team work to illuminate some of the most complex issues in the rapidly changing global political landscape.


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