iHeart inks Amanda de Cadenet for a joint production deal. | Daily News Podcast


Amanda de Cadenet, media personality and podcast host, has signed a three-year contract with iHeartMedia. As part of the alliance, de Cadenet will move its existing shows under the iHeartPodcast Network banner and release a new series later this year.

“Storytelling with purpose is what I’ve focused on for most of my career,” de Cadenet said in the announcement. “I look forward to continuing this mission in partnership with iHeart and amplifying the powerful life experiences my guests share with me. With each of the podcasts, we will be able to tell a wide variety of stories, from the most profound and insightful which are simply entertaining.

The new podcast in the works is called About the Men. It will feature conversations with famous men and their views on masculinity. The show will add to de Cadenet’s existing self-published podcast, The Conversation. De Cadenet also hosted the VS Voices series for Victoria’s Secret. The next season of VS Voices is set to debut on Thursday (June 2).

According to its producers, the VS Voices podcast builds on Victoria’s Secret’s vision of being a leading advocate for women by highlighting the stories of trailblazers who paved the way for other women to succeed today. today and beyond. In its second season, VS Voices will provide a platform for women to speak their diverse truths, share personal stories, and advance discussions on issues that are important to them. As part of their deal, iHeartRadio will co-produce, alongside Cadenet, and distribute four additional new seasons of the podcast.

“The first season of VS Voices showcased a wide range of meaningful conversations with an incredible lineup of trailblazing women,” said Will Pearson, COO of the iHeartPodcast Network. “We are honored to partner with Amanda and Victoria’s Secret to help elevate these stories and share many more with millions of iHeartPodcast listeners around the world.”


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