Hungary equates LGBT representation in cinema with bloody horror films

Some films with LGBT + representation now have the same age rating as the “Saw” series in Hungary (YouTube / Optik)

Hungary has released shocking movie ratings that equate LGBT + portrayal with horror movie content like Seen Where The Exorcist.

The new guidelines for broadcasters were released by the Hungarian media regulatory authority, the National Media and Infocommunication Authority (NMHH) on Wednesday (September 15th).

They relegate films describing what the NMHH has called the “virtues, the uniqueness of the benefits of homosexuality or gender change” to restricting 18+ in order to “protect” minors.

That puts Oscar-winning Spanish director Pedro Almodovar All about my mother Where The word I series comparable to bloody horror films like the Seen slasher series or The Exorcist.

“The protection of minors does not mean that certain subjects are taboo. On the contrary, it assesses the whole context and the message with regard to the intellectual and processing capacities adapted to the age of the minors ”, declared the regulator.

He asserted that the new ratings did not represent an outright ban on LGBT + media, but only a restriction on films in which homosexuality is “a big deal.”

“General gestures expressing tenderness, such as a kiss on the cheeks, a hug, holding hands while walking or a kiss can only be considered problematic if they are represented for themselves or are a central part of the work. program, “say the guidelines.

The new policy comes on the heels of a new ban on “displaying and promoting homosexuality” to children under the age of 18, which bans discussion of LGBT + people in schools, advertising and the media.

The ban was modeled on Russia’s controversial “gay propaganda” law, despite a 2018 report proving that the law directly harms and endangers LGBT + children and youth.

Hungary has already applied this law to books, which must now be classified 18+ if they include a reference to LGBT + people.

A publisher has been fined thousands for failing to “warn” parents about LGBT + content in a children’s book about a family with same-sex parents.

Amnesty International’s office in Budapest issued a statement in June saying the law “will expose those already facing a hostile environment to even greater discrimination”.

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