Hubbard’s WTOP launches its Daily News “DMV Download” podcast today. | Daily News Podcast


After months of preparation, Hubbard Radio’s news channel, WTOP-FM Washington (103.5), is launching its first daily news podcast today. Called DMV Download, the afternoon commuter-targeted series will offer a 20-minute preview of stories making the news in the DC metro area, Maryland and Virginia. It is hosted by OMCP investigative reporter Megan Cloherty and OMCP producer Luke Garrett.

The DMV upload will include interviews with OMCP reporters covering the stories, providing more context than they can fit into a brief radio hit. “This podcast is a place where we capture our reporters telling their stories at length,” Garrett said in an interview with OMCP’s Shawn Anderson.

Cloherty added that their goal will also be to bring the sources of the stories, as well as the reporter, into the conversation.

“I think the whole point of WTOP [radio] is that you get what you need to know quickly, so you can get on with your day,” Cloherty said. “But generally there are a lot of things that haven’t been included in the envelope that we put out every day. This [podcast] is the space where we can tell you a little more about the stories that impact your neighborhood, your profession, your region.

Each episode will drop at 4 p.m. ET. Garrett thinks they will have an advantage publishing then, as opposed to the mornings when many of the top-ranked daily news podcasts are published. “I think a lot of people have their daily national podcasts. And so we’re looking to give people a local taste in the afternoon,” he said. WTOP plans to add a video component to YouTube in the future.

Both hosts have podcast experience. Cloherty was previously co-creator and host of the first season of WTOP’s award-winning podcast, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare. And Garrett currently hosts the weekly podcast series WTOP Is It Normal Yet? focused on the coronavirus pandemic.

WTOP launched a dedicated podcast app called PodcastDC last year that features all the shows produced by the station as well as other shows created by podcasters in the region that it says can get lost in the larger apps. PodcastDC was developed by 2060 Digital, Hubbard’s digital services agency.


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