GCPL works on diversity in operations, promoting gender and LGBT inclusion

FMCG company Godrej Consumer Products Ltd strengthens diversity in its operations, fosters inclusiveness through positive positions on gender and LGBT + rights and hiring from different backgrounds and skills, the company said in its Annual Report.

This would not only provide “equality and inclusion, which is in the company’s DNA, but also provide” excellent business acumen, said GCPL President and CEO Nisaba Godrej.

She suggested a “concerted change” in the hiring process, while expressing concerns about the declining rates of participation of women in the labor market.

“In India and in Godrej, we are grappling with already low and declining participation rates of women in the labor market,” Godrej wrote in his address to shareholders in the annual report for 2020-2021.

Studies now show this even smaller “worrisome slide” following the impact of the pandemic.

“We are becoming more inclusive for our LGBT + colleagues, but I would like us to make a more concerted change by translating our advocacy efforts into hiring,” Godrej added.

Godrej was founded in India’s freedom movement championing equal rights and an independent India, she noted.

“More than a century later, we must stand up for freedom again, this time for equality and inclusion, not only because it’s in our DNA and the right thing to do, but also because it continues. have excellent business acumen, ”explained Godrej. .

As a global conglomerate serving over a billion consumers, GCPL simply cannot afford not to have a team and ecosystem that reflects the diversity of our consumers and communities.

“Companies like ours can make real change possible. We have the resources and the reach, and we need to use them, said Godrej, adding that “we continue to embed diversity into our operations in different ways, through companies in new geographies, inclusive” positions on gender and LGBT + rights, and hiring different backgrounds and skills. “

She added: “Although we have made progress, there is still a long way to go.

GCPL has the highest number of female board members of any listed company in India and has improved the representation of women to 45.25%, but it is not the equal representation he is aiming for, t -she adds.

GCPL, which has been part of the Godrej group for over 124 years, is strengthening its presence in emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America through three categories of home care, personal care and hair care. It ranks among the largest household insecticides and hair care players in emerging markets.

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