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Created: Aug 28, 2021 7:50 AM

Mark Anderson as Sybil Barrington, the “Queen of Bermuda” (Photo provided)

Activists who fought for LGBT equality were honored this month as ‘Pride Pioneers’ by a bank.

Mark Anderson, Adrian Hartnett-Beasley, Winston Godwin and Greg DeRoche have been honored by HSBC to mark this month’s pride celebrations.

Mr. Anderson said: “I am so, so touched and grateful to HSBC for showing their incredible support.

“I am grateful that they created the Pride Pioneers and I am honored that I am one of those selected to share and realize my vision and dreams of enriching our community in Bermuda.”

An HSBC spokeswoman said the four were chosen after the bank was invited to participate in the pride month.

She added, “As part of the celebrations, the bank’s internal HSBC Pride employee resource group shared profiles with all employees on people they considered Bermuda Pride Pioneers. “

The recognition of the Rainbow Warriors came as pride celebrations were held around the world.

Mr. Anderson, the man behind Sybil Barrington, the “Queen of Bermuda”, is well known for his drag performances and his battles for equal rights.

Mr. Hartnett-Beasley helped form OutBermuda, a charity created to campaign for LGBT rights and is the organization’s president.

Mr Godwin and Mr DeRoche made history in Bermuda in 2017 after winning a landmark Supreme Court case that gave them permission to marry in Bermuda.

The decision helped cement the legal right to perform same-sex marriages on the island.

Adrian Hartnett-Beasley of OutBermuda (photography by Zeudi Hines)

Winston Godwin, left, and Greg DeRoche (file photo)

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