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Same-sex marriage has come closer to reality in Chile after House of Representatives lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a marriage bill.

The measure was adopted by 101 votes to 30 and two deputies abstained.

Tuesday’s vote comes about three months after the bill was approved by the Chilean Senate by 28 votes to 14.

The bill is now returning to the Senate for a final vote.

In June, outgoing President Sebastian Piñera backed the marriage bill in an annual speech to lawmakers.

Piñera was president from 2010 to 2014. He returned to the office in 2018.

During his first term, Piñera, a conservative, introduced a bill on civil unions for same-sex and heterosexual couples who have been living together for more than a year. By supporting civil unions, Piñera has stifled an emerging campaign for same-sex marriage in Chile. His bill became law in 2015.

In 2017, former President Michelle Bachelet, the first woman to hold the Chilean presidency, introduced a bill on same-sex marriage.

Gay and lesbian couples can get married in neighboring Argentina. Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Uruguay are other countries in South America with same-sex marriage.

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