‘Ex-Gay’ Activists Lobby Congress in Pathetic Attempt to Kill LGBTQ / LGBTQ Nation Civil Rights Bill

CHANGED activists held a press conference outside the U.S. Capitol in 2019.Photo: Screenshot

A small group of men and women who identified themselves as “ex-gays” or “onceGay” lobbied Congress today to oppose landmark LGBTQ non-discrimination legislation. The group also opposes efforts to make conversion therapy illegal; psychologically damaging pseudo-scientific technique claims to change people from homo to straight,

The “elders,” who are associated with the Church United organizations and the Changed organization, say they are the real oppressed minority here. But instead of defending their interests, they opposed those of the LGBTQ.

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“CHANGED has come to Washington to call on Congress to focus on human dignity and not identity politics,” Elizabeth Woning, co-founder of the group, said in an emailed press release. “We are Christians with LGBTQ in our past. Many, like us, have changed. We left LGBTQ because we wanted to.

“Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that we have the right to live what we believe. Fair treatment in America should not be based on social identity, like LGBTQ or even religious beliefs, but on respect for the dignity of each person.

““ I didn’t want to live like a gay man, ”said Ken Williams, the other co-founder.“ I was plagued with suicidal thoughts and I wasn’t satisfied. The talk therapy I got received when I was a minor saved my life. I wanted a different path and my sexual desires eventually changed. I have been married to my wife for 15 years. We have four children together.

In 2019, two important “ex-gay” leaders came out of the closet. The first is David Matheson, a Latter-day Saint therapist who helped write the instruction manual for the “ex-gay” Journey into Manhood program. The second, McRae game, led a well-known conversion ministry in South Carolina for two decades.

In addition, a third conversion advisor, Norman Goldwasser was surprised using the screen name “hotnhairy72” on Manhunt and Gay Bear Nation.

The group also lobbied Congress in 2019.

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