Events Industry Partnerships Podcast


Hosts: David Adler
Guests: Erica Boeke, Austin Johnston, Nancy Shaffer

In this episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash Founder and President David Adler sits down with a group of event industry professionals: Nancy Shaffer, Chief Creative Officer at RJ Whyte Event Production and the president of the Live Events Coalition; Austin Johnston, CEO of AKJOHNSTON and president of the Experiential Guild of America; and Erica Boeke, Founder and CEO of Freedom & Co. The group dives deep into how partnerships of all kinds have impacted their event business and shares key learnings on how to collaborate effectively. They give practical advice and takeaways for using partnerships – with internal and external teams, with brands and artists, with the industry as a whole, and even with event guests – as one of the most important principles of our post-COVID era.

Sponsored by Get in. Duration: 44h30.

This episode is sponsored by: Get in
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