Empreinte Magnetic, podcast studio supported by Vivendi, develops its audio programming (EXCLUSIVE)


Empreinte Magnétique, the podcast studio created a little over a year ago by Vivendiproprietary edition banner Editisis rolling out a solid slate of audio series across different genres and launching Tamtam, a streamer dedicated to kids programming.

Lead by Lea Marchetti, Empreinte Magnétique launched its first fictional audio show on June 23, “Bonne nuit ma douce”. The 10-part thriller series is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Julie Garcia and published in France by Télémaque. Directed by Marchetti and Charles de Cillia, “Bonne nuit ma douce” was produced in-house by Empreinte Magnétique and Editis.

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“Good night my sweet”, adapted by Coline Dussaud (“Un si grand soleil”), follows Eléonore, her husband and her two daughters who go to Copenhagen for Christmas. A day after arriving there, their youngest daughter, Celeste, mysteriously disappears. While hotel camera footage shows nothing, Celeste is found dead in the hotel basement by Danish police. The series relates the double investigation, one led by the detective assigned to the case and a second led by Eléonore.

Empreinte Magnétique has also partnered with Paradiso, Lorenzo Benedettipodcast production banner, to launch Tamtam. The new label will be dedicated to programs aimed at children aged 3 to 8. Slated to debut on Wednesday, Tamtam features an initial slate of five audio programs, including the environment-themed Kididoc, as well as “The Book of Emotions,” “Max and Rabbit,” and “Tarzan, Pony Wicked.” All of these programs are adapted from best-selling children’s books published by Editis Nathan and Grund, among others.

Tamtam also launches with an adapted series of “Mysteries at Versailles”, the 1680 saga following a pair of teenagers who investigate the court of Louis XIV. “Mysteries at Versailles” is edited by Nathan.

Tamtam is a subscription service that costs €3.99 per month. The ad-free streamer will have a freemium model allowing users to watch three episodes for free before subscribing.

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