Elephant in the Room: “Colorado Real Estate Leaders” Podcast Builds Community Amid Tough Market


The Colorado Real Estate Leaders podcast is building community in the midst of a tough market. Real estate professionals find support in the community soundwave that reverberates everywhere on Spotify, Audible, Pandora, Apple Podcasts and other major platforms.

In particularly difficult economic times, the Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast offers a nuanced discussion space for members of the real estate field to connect through the power of conversation. Trailstone Insurance Group produces Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast to create a sense of community, and many of the show’s guests aren’t afraid to address the elephant in the room – rising interest rates and l current state of our market.

So far, the show has featured professionals like James Rangel, a relationship veteran who survived the previous housing crisis; and Terra Schrader, a brand new loan officer with ambitious marketing programs. To only cite a few.

“The idea is to bring the real estate community together through different voices, perspectives and stories, especially during difficult times. We are, after all, like a family’s vast professional network,” says Lauren Hendrick, podcast producer and chief marketing officer at Trailstone Insurance Group. “I know from experience that your colleagues’ stories can be inspirational, inspirational and motivational!” Whether you’re a realtor, loan officer or other professional, you can find your people AND your own voice. »

Listen to the Colorado real estate leaders podcast:

Hendrick continued, “Want to make your voice heard in the discussion? To land your own interview, apply here: https://lnkd.in/gNxcwdUQ

The Colorado Real Estate Leaders podcast is sponsored by Trailstone Insurance Group, an independent insurance agent representing multiple insurance companies, which sets them apart from companies limited to just one. Because they are not locked into a single insurance company, the best coverage options and the best prices are available. Having access to over 40 insurance carriers means that when rates go up with one carrier, Trailstone can move their customers’ insurance to a better, more personalized option…in fact, they have an entire department in their agency which focuses only on renewals and finds the best covers! There is no charge to use their service; insurers pay them.

Dave Ramsey endorsed Trailstone Insurance Group. Hendrick commented, “It took us years to get through Dave’s vetting process. We needed to prove to Dave’s team that we had the “heart of a teacher” in our sales approach with our customers. This means that we put your needs before ours or the insurance companies. Insurance agencies can’t buy Dave’s endorsement; you have to deserve it. To ensure we are continually improving, Dave’s team undergoes monthly training with Trailstone Insurance management and solicits feedback directly from our customers.

Learn more: https://trailstoneinsurancegroup.com/

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