Ducks Dish podcast: Oregon Football and the Pac-12 are in conference limbo after USC/UCLA Bombshell.


We just hit the 60-day mark in our countdown to the 2022 college football season, a notable benchmark for fans nationwide as they battle through the offseason.

Well, this week took a sudden turn when USC and UCLA announced they would be abandoning the sinking ship that is the Pac-12 and heading to the Big Ten conference in 2024. Now the rest of the conference and schools across the country are wondering where this movement leaves them.

Will they be able to find a new home? More importantly, will they find a new home that will keep them relevant in the big picture of college football and allow them to keep the lights on financially?

Depending on where each school is located, the traditions they have developed and what they have been up to in recent years on the football pitch, we look at a wide range of answers.

Specifically for Oregon, the Ducks appear to be one of the next major dominoes to fall in what is shaping up to be a bigger wave of conference realignment after Texas and Oklahoma announced they would join the DRY. And let’s not forget the “covenant”.

It was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?

From reports, it now appears that Notre Dame holds the keys to deciding where this saga will go next, as the Big Ten have prioritized the Fighting Irish. Whatever they decide will likely play a part in where Oregon goes.

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I’m not saying the sky is falling for Oregon, but it’s about as drastic a change as anyone could have seen coming, and the fact that a majority didn’t bring home its impact will be felt for years to come.

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