Does Apple have a DSP in the works? | Daily News Podcast


Apple appears to be building a demand-side platform (DSP), according to an April job posting looking for a product manager to design “the most sophisticated and life-friendly demand-side platform private as possible”.

The news was first reported by Digiday and caused a stir in the industry, which has been at odds with Apple since its brutal crackdown on ad tracking last year.

While Apple has positioned itself as a bastion of user privacy, revelations that it is quietly building ad technology further fuel the argument that it is trying to grow its monopoly. A DSP would give Apple much greater control over its user data and the advertisers it allows on its services, allowing it to recoup more advertising spend.

A key question on many people’s minds is how Apple will balance its stance on public privacy while simultaneously providing a channel for advertisers to access its users.

Joshua Palau, a seasoned advertising executive who serves as senior vice president of growth marketing and media at LendingTree, said Apple’s decision to expand its advertising business is “not surprising” given its treasure trove of data. first part. Additionally, it will provide Apple with a revenue stream protected from hardware and supply chain issues.

“But I’m curious how they keep the same privacy branding theme and become a DSP. It’s not impossible, but balancing those two sides is a fine line,” Palau said.


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