Dani Harmer Shares This “Always Been Lesbian” Cam In Exclusive Interview

Tracy Beaker’s return has sparked a nationwide social media frenzy after a teaser was posted online. The clip showed Tracy Beaker and her longtime nemesis, Justine Littlewood, in what seemed like a tense scene seeing each other for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Tracy Beaker has a special place for many in their sleeves, as with those of the early 2000s, it was their childhood. The series broke records reaching 2.1 million viewers, with 800,000 people watching live while the series aired.

We caught up with Dani Harmer in an exciting way to discuss all that Tracy Beaker and the important LGBT + representation sees.

I can personally tell you how nostalgic it was to watch My Mum Tracy Beaker, but how did you experience that experience?

“It was crazy, I was just super excited to bring the character back, to be honest. It had been quite a while, I think it was 10 years since I last played Tracy. This time it was completely new, it felt like we were doing a different program.

But also reading the script, we felt really grown up, which was really perfect because we knew that part of the audience was not going to be children anymore.

It was really nice to see Tracy at a different point in her life, it was a lot of fun.

Tracy Beaker and Justine Littlewood Charlotte summers

I remember seeing the trailer of yourself and Monatanna Thomspon (aka Justine Littlewood) and thinking… WHAT !? Did you expect such a great response online?

I kind of thought it was going to be okay anyway people were going to be super excited and it was just going to go completely crazy or people are going to go ‘ah my god, not her again, why is she coming back? We do not care “.

Thank goodness it was the first one but it was beyond anything I could imagine the numbers are through the roof. Thanks guys for watching!

I think the number of viewers is 2.1 million, how do you feel knowing that many people have watched you?

“Yeah, it’s pretty overwhelming if I think about it. It’s now the most successful CBBC show in CBBC history, so that’s pretty cool.

I think we had something ridiculous like over 800,000,000 people all watching live on the channel.

I was like oh my goddess, I’m so happy. Yes, it was so nice that people just sat down, made themselves comfortable, pretending they were a kid again or grabbed their own kids and made them watch.

Wedding Cams
Wedding Cams Charlotte summers

How important was it for Cam to have her happy ending with another woman?

“I think that’s one of the most important things that came out of it because the character was written in lesbian, she’s always been a lesbian.

So the fact that she has finally become her real self is so gratifying and the response to that has been so lovely, she has just been brilliant.

This is super important and you know she should have been a lesbian all the time and I don’t understand by now why someone made the decision to marry her to a guy.

For me it’s been 20 years in the making and the fact that we finally got to see it, with a fabulous wedding and it was so beautiful and bright.


Everyone should feel represented on TV, it’s something that has been such a struggle for so many people. We are a long way from where we should be, but thanks to the goddess we are taking these interesting steps, especially on children’s television.

We didn’t address any of these issues back then, but hopefully that has made up for it now.

Tracy Beaker at Cams Wedding
Tracy Beaker at Cams Wedding Charlotte summers

What was your favorite response to this scenario?

“I think he just heard from lots of different people and backgrounds and how it affected them., Just the sheer joy of being portrayed on television.

I’ve also heard a lot of older women say that I’m not really out in my 40s, so I’m referring to the camera, maybe she wanted to wait a bit.

So yeah, that was such a great positive response.

Beaker Tracy
Charlotte summers

Why do you think that after all this time, why is the Tracy beaker still so important in people’s lives?

“The reason people are rushing back is that it’s been one of the worst years of all of our lives and has been so strange,

What could be better than a little nostalgia, I did the exact same thing so I totally get that warm, warm feeling that you get when watching shows that remind you of being a kid.

But I also think Tracy as a character just resonates with so many different people because she’s really fierce and she’s a strong woman.

When I was growing up watching TV it was very male oriented, we had the Chuckle Brothers, which I love, but these are the kinds of things I grew up watching.

So we didn’t really have strong female characters. So when Tracy got on TV everyone was like, ‘Oh, okay, she’s not just a girl, but she’s a fierce girl who knows what she wants and don’t be afraid to say it ” and I think that was really refreshing for people.

I think that’s why she kind of stood the test of time, yes she was a bit fierce, but you could also tell she had a heart of gold underneath and that’s what we all really want.

To be honest she was the opposite of me which is why I loved playing her I’m not a wallflower but to be able to play such a strong character and say what she thought was oh wow ok , she gave me my own confidence.

It took me a while, but to talk about issues that I don’t agree with or agree with. I think part of that comes from Tracy as a character, it’s kind of rubbed off to me.

We recommend that you give My Mum Tracy Beaker a watch, if you are looking for nostalgia. You can catch the series on CBBC through the BBC iplayer app.

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