Daily 5-Minute Torah Ohr Podcast Expands

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Rabbi’s “Daily Torah Ohr” Yisroel Noach Lipsker, a captivating and exciting 5-minute audio Shiur, is quickly becoming popular. Full story

A new podcast has recently started, aimed at those who want to learn Chassidus, but don’t have the time.

Rabbi’s “Daily Torah Ohr” Yisroel Noach Lipsker (Mashpia of Queens Mesivta), is a captivating and thrilling 5 minute audio Shiur.

The 5-minute-a-day Shiur goes through 1 Maamer each week of the Alter Rebbe’s Torah Ohr.

“This series of shiurim, clearly explained and broken down into short parts, is a wonderful way to integrate the Alter Rebbe Torah into our daily life,” Ms. Shterna Ginsberg, author of “Your Awesome Self”.

“I’ve always wanted to learn Torah Ohr, but never enjoyed it. These 5 minute daily Shiurim simply explain the Maamorim and are easy to follow on a day to day basis, ”explains Yoel Vogel, one of the listeners.

To join the WhatsApp podcast, click on this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/H7eOY6Vc5SbEpq3vOecNcX

You can also listen on your favorite podcast platform: https://anchor.fm/torah-ohr


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