Comedian Andrew Packer shares his touring experience during COVID-19


Tonight, Dakoda’s Comedy Lounge in Kelowna welcomes the talented Andrew Packer for the third time.

Packer is a 28-year-old Canadian comedian, improviser and content creator. In 2016 he founded the JNT Comedy Tour. talk about entrepreneurship.

JNT, which stands for “Jokes and Tokes,” was started as a secret comedy club in Toronto where people could smoke marijuana before it was legal and listen to local comedians.

Now in its sixth year, Packer has produced several successful comedy tours across Canada and abroad; in more than 15 countries.

When Packer was young, he listened to pre-recorded comedy albums on his iPod while delivering newspapers and fell in love with art.

Like most comedians, he got his start hosting his local open-mic night, which in turn became a cathartic way for him to learn about himself and navigate the world.

In March 2020 when the pandemic hit, Packer was on tour in the Philippines when he found himself locked down in the country and unable to return to Canada.

During his short period of isolation in Southeast Asia, he turned to his phone to continue creating content.

“The pandemic has offered an opportunity to revisit different mediums and see if; Alright, if I can be funny on stage with nothing and right in front of people, well let’s see how funny I can be on this little screen that hooks me up to every person’s pocket,” he explained.

It ended up being a useful tool for the comedian to pivot and bolster his comedy style by doing short snippets on TikTok.

His popularity on the app has exploded over the past two years, bringing him over 442,000 subscribers and 8.5 million likes.

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<p dir=As COVID-19 restrictions began to lift across the country, Packer was able to resume touring and he couldn’t be more excited.

“There’s nothing I love more than showing up in a city and putting on a comedy for that new place with a few jokes I have and a few new ideas that allow me to live the moment with the audience”

Although we live in a time when things tend to get a little tense, from COVID-19 to protests and political positions, Packer always finds a way to shed some light on the situation.

“There’s a lot of tension, but I think there’s more reason we need to laugh and try to let it all go.”

Packer plans to wrap up his Western Canadian tour this weekend and will return to Toronto to plan his next tour.

Watch the full interview hereand learn more about Andrew by clicking here.

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