Colts podcast: Comparing Indy to AFC North teams


If the Colts manage to make it back to the playoffs in 2022, they will likely have to face an AFC team from another division. On this podcast, we start looking at the other AFC divisions – especially AFC North.

Obviously the young and dynamic Bengals come to mind first, but are any of the other teams capable of making a splash in the playoffs? We dive into that and more, including:

  • Each team’s defensive and attacking rankings in 2021 and what they could predict this season
  • The exciting and the young Cincinnati Bengals and whether or not their success in 2021 can be sustained this season
  • The Steelers facing 2022 with a new QB after the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger and why this franchise is perhaps the most likely to take a step back
  • The Baltimore Ravens and the amazing Lamar Jackson – but have they done enough to get Jackson the help he needs
  • The chaotic Cleveland Browns and their super weird QB situation with Deshaun Watson and his impending suspension and the up in the air of Baker Mayfield
  • So much more

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