Changes to the rules of the road, plus the father of the child almost hit by the driver of the Range Rover while cycling on the Podcast Episode 18


The latest episode of the podcast in association with Bont is now live to listen to, and in this episode we chat with the specialist cycling shoe company, discuss the changes to the road laws that came into effect there a few weeks old, and also speaking with the father of a child who was nearly hit by a Range Rover driver while cycling in south-west London.

The new rules of the road have of course received a lot of national media attention in recent weeks, not entirely accurate, and in a panel discussion George, Simon, Ryan and Jack from address some of the misconceptions which have resulted as well as to clarify what has actually changed.

Simon also speaks to Tim Lennon, after a video he shot several years ago showed his then nine-year-old daughter nearly being knocked off her bike by the driver of an SUV.

The video was posted to Twitter last week as an example of how recent traffic law changes can help protect vulnerable road users and has been picked up by mainstream media – with coverage by Mail Online focusing more on the fact that the girl wasn’t wearing a bike helmet than the danger the impatient motorist put her in.

The newspaper tagged Danny Williams, who retweeted the clip on Twitter and has long campaigned for safer streets for cyclists, including sitting on Transport for London’s Roads Task Force when Boris Johnson was mayor of the city, a “cycling fanatic” in his article.

He titled his piece with – deep breath – ‘To anyone complaining about the new traffic laws, here’s why’: Cycling fanatic says video of Range Rover nearly hitting young girl on bike PROVES cyclists should be in the middle of the road… but furious drivers ask why she isn’t wearing a helmet?

The Sun also covered the story, although while also referencing the lack of a helmet, at least its headline highlighted the fact that the youngster was nearly knocked off her bike, saying: CLOSE CALL Moment Range Rover almost hits little girl riding bike without helmet as driver insists ‘we need the rules of the road’.

The video (a longer version of which appears below) was shot in October 2016 on Ham Common near Richmond Park by Tim Lennon, who is co-ordinator of the Richmond Cycling Campaign, and accompanied one of his daughters, then aged nine year. , at her friend’s house.

In our chat, Tim talks about the impact of the incident, saying “You just don’t expect people to drive like that around you, let alone around children”, as well as the reaction of the press last week, which he describes as “really disappointing”, as well as speaking more generally about his work with the Richmond Cycling Campaign, including what he hopes will happen in the borough, including Richmond Park.

Finally, Technical Editor Mat Brett spoke with Alex Malone of podcast sponsor Bont about how he goes about producing some of the best cycling shoes in the world. and on the technical developments we can expect to see in the future.

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