Gay news – Gay Lenol Fri, 17 Sep 2021 23:02:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Gay news – Gay Lenol 32 32 LGBT veterans with non-honorable time off will get VA benefits under new plan Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:03:42 +0000

Tens of thousands of LGBT veterans forced out of the military because of their sexual orientation and given unworthy leave will be able to receive full veterans benefits despite their dismissal status under new ruling which will be announced on Monday.

The change comes as the country nears the 10th anniversary of the repeal of the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” law that forced nearly 14,000 servicemen out of the ranks for admitting their sexual orientation.

But the impact of the new VA announcement goes beyond those individuals, to potentially include troops who served before and after the law who may have received poor performance reviews or intimidated into leaving the military because of their service. LGBT status.

Outside advocates estimate that as many as 100,000 over the past 70 years may have been unintentionally separated from the military because of their sexual orientation. Data on the number of non-honorable leaves received is not available.

According to sources familiar with the pending announcement, VA officials are planning a series of reviews of these veterans’ cases, with a presumption in favor of granting them benefits unless the records give a clear reason for s ‘oppose it.

The announcement to be released on Monday – the anniversary of the DADT repeal – includes VA Secretary Denis McDonough, saying department officials have the power to grant these people full VA benefits if their case justifies it, whatever the exit status.

People with dishonorable dismissals or a clear criminal history documented in their service record will still not receive benefits under the new plan.

The “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy was in place from 1993 to 2011. It prohibited members of LGBT services from discussing or publicly acknowledging their sexual orientation, with a penalty of dismissal from the ranks if the truth was discovered. Before that, all LGBT people were completely banned from service.

For years, gay rights advocates have noted that before and during the establishment of the DADT policy, many military commanders with prejudices against LGBT troops often issued dismissals for misconduct to such people – citing issues such as poor fitness reports or poor performance – to cover up fanaticism or frustration related to sexual orientation issues.

This subsequently prompted VA staff to deny these veterans benefits as their documents did not show honorable release status.

The new ruling will extend VA medical care, disability benefits, employment assistance and other benefits to people previously stranded due to non-honorable leave.

Ministry legal officials believe the change will not require any new legislation or policy statements, as the ministry already has broad powers to interpret which veterans are eligible for ministry services.

White House officials are expected to mark the anniversary of the DADT repeal with an event on Monday. The exact timing of VA’s announcement is unclear. VA officials declined to comment on the pending news.

Veterans with non-honorable releases can apply for a status upgrade, but this process often takes years and has been criticized by outside groups for being too cumbersome. VA’s new initiative effectively circumvents this process, quickly granting benefits to individuals, even if their review process is unresolved.

Joe Biden was vice president when President Barack Obama signed the repeal of DADT. As president, Biden is committed to making all government agencies more inclusive for minority and under-represented groups.

When McDonough took office as secretary in February, he pledged to make the department a place that “welcomes all veterans, including women, veterans of color and LGBTQ veterans.” In June, authorities announced their intention to offer transgender surgeries for the first time in departmental hospitals.

Leo covers Congress, Veterans Affairs and the White House for Military Times. He has covered Washington, DC since 2004, focusing on policies relating to military personnel and veterans. His work has earned him numerous honors, including a 2009 Polk Award, a 2010 National Headliner Award, the IAVA Leadership in Journalism Award, and the VFW News Media Award.

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The oldest gay bar in Nottingham to be honored with the city’s first pink plaque celebrating LGBT + heritage Fri, 17 Sep 2021 06:54:50 +0000

Nottingham first pink plaque, celebrating LGBTQ + heritage of the city, must be unveiled today. It was placed in the New Foresters building because it was considered a safe space for the community before the decriminalization of homosexuality.

During LGBT History Month this year, a competition was organized by the Nottingham City Council LGBT Employee Network, to recognize a place playing an important historic role in the city’s LGBT + community.

The winner would be selected to display Nottingham’s very first pink plaque.

Known as the city’s oldest gay bar, The New Foresters was chosen for honor as one of the city’s most significant LGBT + venues. Before the decriminalization of homosexuality, the bar served as a secure space.

Pub owner Debbie Law has been visiting the venue for almost 40 years. It has been 20 years to the day that she took over, and says she is honored that on her birthday, the plaque is unveiled.

The plaque unveiling will take place this afternoon during this year’s National Heritage Open Days.

It will celebrate the New Foresters and their place in Nottingham’s LGBT + history. Representatives of the Nottingham City Council LGBT Employee Network, the Nottingham Civic Society and New Foresters staff will attend.

Hilary Silvester, President of the Nottingham Civic Society, said: “The Nottingham Civic Society is delighted to participate in the installation of this plaque which recognizes the contribution of the LGBT community to city life.

Read more:

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KC.Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay Jr. says his stolen car has been returned Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:52:00 +0000

For those of you who have been following Willie Gay Jr.’s car saga this week, the KC Chiefs linebacker finally released some good news three days after his car was stolen.

Over the weekend, Gay’s car was stolen from him and he took to Twitter for help in finding out what had happened and getting it back to him. The tweet has since been deleted, but Gay originally posted: “All of my Kansas City residents my car has been stolen, please retweet this” with a photo of his car attached.

On Wednesday evening, Gay posted that his car had been found and that everything was fine after all. In fact, Gay seemed to have nothing but love for those responsible.

And just in case you’re still worried about the car after reading all of this, Gay has provided another update.

It’s been a tough few weeks for Willie Gay Jr. as he was also forced to take time off for the first three weeks of the regular season after the team put him on the injured list with a toe injury. which clearly was not healing as expected. Gay first suffered a toe injury in the team’s last preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings and has been out since. That means the earliest he can play is Week 4 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Getting injured and having your car stolen is pretty much a winning entry for a “who has the worst week?” ” competition. Now that Gay has his car back, we can only hope things continue to improve for him and his toe is healing very well.

Considering his appearance in the preseason, even after missing a few games, it can still turn into an impressive season for him on this Chiefs defense.