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10 things you didn’t know about Cam & Mitch

For 11 seasons, viewers had the pleasure of watching the Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett family grow and grow. Modern family. But if someone were to ask fans which characters or storylines they liked the most, many would say Cam and Mitchell’s. RELATED: Modern Family: 5 Things We Loved About the Finale (& 5 …

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Gerald Bostock: Gay Softball Teammates Supported Me During Case

Gerald Bostock’s arduous legal battle that resulted in the Supreme Court releasing its landmark ruling on LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace was rarely easy. The seven-year journey included setbacks, outrages and, most painfully, the loss of friendships. Throughout the arduous process, Bostock relied on his support system to keep him …

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10 things that shouldn’t happen until the end

ABC Sitcom Modern family will end after his 11e and the final season, which is currently airing. the family sitcom mockumentary follows the story of a modern family that includes Jay Pritchett and his two children, Claire and Mitchell, and their respective families. Jay is married to Gloria, his much …

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