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These days, it seems like there is an online option for just about anything. Need to access your bank account? Most banks offer an online portal or even an app. Peckish ? Place an order online and get your food without even leaving home.

As you probably know, a lot of people go through the process of online dating as well. In general, they will use either dating platforms or adult cat sites like Flingster. Either way, it changes the way many people approach modern dating – and for some, it’s actually an improvement.

That’s not to say that online dating is better than a good old-fashioned “dinner and movies”; it’s that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and everyone has their own preferences. If you’ve never considered online dating a viable option, it might be time to take a second look. Who knows, you might end up learning something you never thought of before!

Online dating greatly expands your options.

One of the biggest hurdles in finding your next date is often the lack of options. Maybe you aren’t able to go out a lot, or you just live in a small town. Either way, sometimes it’s not enough to show off and hope for the best.

Go to an online dating site, however, and you’ll have more choices than you can make. The truly massive dating platforms have over a million registered users, while others (even the “small” ones) still have several thousand members. Of course, this does not guarantee that you will find a match; there is still the small question of finding someone you really love, and who loves you in return. Even so, the simple fact that you have so much to choose from can give your dating efforts a boost.

Video chats help develop the relationship online, even if you are across the country – or on different continents.

There is one aspect of some dating sites (usually adult sites) that we don’t get enough talk about, and that is video chat. Most dating platforms limit members’ communication to text chat, but it is assumed that couples in love will eventually meet in person. Unfortunately, this is not always an option.

If the dating site of your choice offers video chats, you can maintain the relationship even if you can’t meet in real life. This minimizes one of the biggest barriers to long-term online dating: distance. Moreover, it also means that you can get much more creative with your unique online adventures. In other words, video chat is the factor that can take your online relationships to a level that is actually like in-person relationships. It may take a little more planning and flexibility, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably be glad you gave it a try!

The distance gives you automatic safety gates.

Regardless of your gender, face-to-face dates carry safety risks, especially if the date ends when you get hot and heavy. The point is, if you get close to a stranger, you are entrusting them with your physical safety without quite knowing if they have your best interests at heart.

Online dating might not be perfect, but it is certainly an effective barrier against unwanted illnesses or partners who struggle to stick to boundaries. You can still have unpleasant experiences, of course, but you’ll have a lot more control over what happens when each interaction is limited to an allocated amount of screen space.

Rejection is easier to overcome.

Getting rejected is difficult, regardless of the context. And when this context is romantic, it can touch much closer to home. However, part of the pain of being rejected is knowing that you might not get another chance for a while.

Let’s get back to the “lots of fish in the sea” aspect of online dating. Even though most of your matches won’t match the type of connection you’re looking for, it’s still psychologically important for you to have all of these choices. Not only should this make it easier for you to actively find someone in the first place, but it will also make it easier to deal with potential rejections.

After all, how many people do you reject every time you log in? The more options you sort, the more people there will be to avoid – so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the same happens to you.

Your personal finances might end up benefiting from online dating as much as you do.

Whether you like to do it all or your perfect date coincides with Taco Tuesday at the local restaurant, dating usually involves spending money (especially if you’re the guy in a typical straight relationship). In fact, scheduling a date budget is often enough to mark yourself as tight-lipped, especially if it’s happening early in a relationship.

If the relationship is online, however, you won’t go to fancy restaurants, watch the latest action movie, or visit romantic destinations together; you will need to be a little more creative with your nighttime activities. The good news is that the liberal policies of most adult dating sites mean you can always end your date night in the bedroom – but what can you do before that?

If this is the kind of dating scenario that is supposed to last more than a date or two, you will likely end up spending the money. For example, you can always order your own meals to eat via video chat, or rent a movie and watch it together. However, this will likely be even less than what you would spend in a typical dating scenario.

What do you think of online dating now?

It’s certainly not perfect, but online dating has a few things to offer that traditional dating doesn’t. And remember – you will never know what it is until you try it for yourself!

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Who brings in the most money? Mon, 16 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

It’s been almost a decade before Angenos went to vote in the next municipal elections, but at least one thing is that the competition is going well. Since money is the lifeblood of any campaign, there is a fierce battle for fundraising.

The latest funding and spending figures recording activity in the first half of 2021 were recently published on the city’s ethics committee website. Los Angeles Dig for transport Candidates for mayors, city lawyers and controllers. Today, the focus is on those who are about to run in the eight municipal elections.

It should be noted that financial rewards, however significant, do not guarantee victory. The upset victory when Nisia Raman spent a lot of money on incumbent David Ryu in District 4 last year gives hope to many first-time candidates, especially progressive voters in court.

Here are six things you need to know about the contestants, total amounts, and the June 2022 primary.

District 5 fabric

Dozens of people have submitted documents to raise funds for the functioning of the council (many of whom are ultimately not eligible to vote). Nobody withdraws more money Ward 5 Optimistic Sam YebriFor the most recent reference period of $ 197,000, the total is $ 520,000. In fact, Yebri, a lawyer who wants to be the first Iranian-American to be elected to the city of Los Angeles, has an advantage of $ 161,000 over the second highest total.

Unlike citywide positions where people can donate up to $ 1,500, the maximum donation to council candidates is $ 800, making it even more difficult to reach financial heights. Yebri’s disclosure form shows a series of donations, including recent donations from people such as media director Heim Savan and director Jason Reitman. Yebri has an astounding $ 433,000 in cash as of June 30th.

There is no cake in District 5

Yebri may be a point guard, but the second most prolific council candidate is also aiming for success from District 5 representative Paul Collets. Katy Young YaroslavskiSheila Kühl, acting on behalf of County Supervisor Sheila Kühl, withdrew $ 186,000 in the first half of 2021 for a total of $ 359,000. His cash on hand stands at $ 324,000, and his disclosure form shows donations from architects, doctors, executives, lawyers, environmental leaders, writers and more. She is able to accompany Yebri on her guard.

Yet the competition for seats is even fiercer! LA Native and UCLA Law School instructors Jimmy vibraHoping to give Westside politics a progressive advantage, he has raised $ 113,000 in the past six months (including a $ 37,000 personal loan to his campaign). Experts in public policy and president of the neighborhood council Scott epstein Notched $ 39,000. Molly baslerPromoting the environmental agenda raised $ 32,000. This trio is chasing two leaders, but it will take months to come and a lot can happen.

Fight for 15

The candidates for the Council, including the incumbents, did not raise any more funds in the first semester of this year. Tim makoscarWho’s looking Ward 15 Seats currently held by Joe Buscaino. McOsker is a longtime politician and his resume includes Mayor Jim Hahn’s chief of staff and the police union lobbyist. Perhaps more striking than the $ 316,000 involved by the people of San Pedro was the collection of all the donations in less than three months. The campaign began in mid-March after Buskaino announced he would drop his candidacy. Mayor.

McOsker’s donation list includes hundreds of donations up to $ 800, with dozens of donations from attorneys, executives and real estate agents.

Some fish for a chance to represent the southern tip of LA, but no one comes close to the six. The best aggregate belongs to Danel Sandval, former president of the neighborhood council. She raised $ 45,000, including a campaign loan of $ 37,000.

9th navigation

District 9 officers Karen Price Raised $ 83,000 at the end of 2020, new candidate Dulse Basquez Many were shocked when her $ 53,000 brought her close enough to the incumbent. Price appears to have received a message that racing is no gimmick and hit the fundraising circuit earlier this year, taking home $ 183,000. A second-term city councilor and veteran of the state legislature is currently raising a total of $ 267,000, and his campaign looks set. With the full support of the real estate industry, he receives up to hundreds of millions of donations.

Price’s $ 234,000 cash balance is less than $ 90,000 in Basquez’s account, but the $ 85,000 raised earlier this year shows she’s firmly in the game. Aggregate by current funding period (until the end of the year). Like many candidates for a new position, her maximum donation is relatively low, and depending on how she turns, she may spend less than the price or go back to those people to increase donations as Election Day approaches. Means that there is.

Watch this race. It should be one of the most attractive ballots.

Battle of Echo Park, Part II

Councilor for District 13 Mitch offerel Divided Angelenos when there was a huge tent camp on Echo Park Lake Closed in spring.. Some praised him, but others predicted that the approach of the elections would be the beginning of his death. So far, the offers seem bulletproof, at least financially. He raised $ 177,000 in the first half of this year, for a total of $ 287,000. Cascade of real estate players has donated during the recent reporting period, and it has also clinched the fascinating entertainment industry triple with a $ 800 donation from Warner Bros. Entertainment, Sony Pictures and Disney Worldwide Services Inc. rice paddy.

No one else running for a seat has more than $ 17,000. Again, things could change in the coming months, but now the second term holders seem comfortable.

4 rolls

People love to complain about politicians, but four incumbents –Gil Sedillo, Bob blumenfield, Monique Rodriguez, When Mike BoninRepresenting Districts 1, 3, 7 and 11, respectively, are currently under little threat, at least from a financial point of view. Each has raised at least $ 86,000, and Blumenfield is the only one who currently has something similar to the Challenger. His $ 113,000 is more than five times that of an educator. Yasmine Pomeroy.. She’s way behind at $ 22,000, but she’s courting the progressive mob that led Raman to victory last year.

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Who brings in the most money? Source link Who brings in the most money?

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Amid massive growth, communities of color call for racial and regional equity – press enterprise Thu, 12 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The number of communities of color, particularly Latin American and Asian communities, has increased over the past decade, according to racial and ethnic data released by the US Census Bureau on Thursday, August 12.

Southern California counties generally mirror national and state racial trends, with a significant increase in the multiethnic population as well as among Latin Americans and Asian Americans.

More diverse than ever

In particular, the Inland Empire became predominantly Latin for the first time. According to a preliminary analysis of 2020 census data from the University of California, Riverside’s Center for Social Innovation, 47.3% of Inland Empires were Latin in 2010, and that number is now rising to 51.6%.

Additionally, for the first time, there are more Asian Americans than African Americans in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. In 2020, African Americans made up 7.4% of the Inner Empire’s population, while Asian Americans made up 8.7%.

In Orange County, the Asian-American population has increased dramatically by 31.1%. Asian Americans now make up 22.2% of the county’s population, up from 17.9% in 2010. In Los Angeles County, the African American population has shrunk by 7.3% and the Latino population has declined. America grew only 2.5%, with much higher growth of 11.4. % When you become an Asian American.

Carsic Rama Krishnan, director of the Center for Social Innovation, said the new numbers are becoming increasingly important for communities of color, especially in inland areas where they have not gained as much recognition and support as coastal communities. I have been clear.

“When we think of the community of color, we can think of not only Los Angeles, but the Inland Empire and Orange County as well,” he said. “In fact, the Inland Empire has been a ‘majority minority’ region for decades. “

Today, the community of color represents nearly 70% of the resident population of the Inland Empire, how and where investments are directed in the region, and how to promote equity in terms of access to resources. This raises important questions.

Tell a story with data

The next step is to ensure that federal funds and resources reach these growing communities, said Mary Anhu, general secretary of the Alliance of Asian Americans and the Pacific Islands in Orange County. in Garden Grove. Said.

“It takes a long time to analyze census data and use it to tell stories about the community,” she said. “In Asian-American and Pacific Island communities, the breakdown of the data shows the diversity of our community. “

As an example, Mr. Fu said that Asian American students are often expected to be successful in school and higher education.

“But what about communities like Tonga, Hmong, Laos and Samoa? ” She said. “Can we create a higher education pipeline to recruit people from these communities and not be left behind? “

Luz Gallegos, executive director of the Perris-based Educational Community Professional Development Legal Center (TODEC), was not surprised to see a majority of Latin Americans in Riverside County.

“We’ve known this for quite some time since we’ve been working with the community on a daily basis,” she said. “But now that we have official data, it is important to ensure that the challenges and the reality of the community are represented. We need a voice and political resources for a better quality of life.

The Gallegos group works with marginalized immigrant communities in Riverside County, particularly in the Coachella Valley and desert areas. She said the high desert and rural communities of color in the county were separate and not as visible as the townspeople.

“Many of our migrants are in the lowest paying jobs,” she said. “We have a family that lives in an unconditioned trailer in temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius. It breaks our hearts.

Gallegos said his organization used the 2020 census not only to raise awareness but also to create activities among young Latinos.

“We intentionally got involved with young people,” she said. “When they know the importance of the census and what it does, it helps create a culture of civic participation for the next generation. “

Questions about data accuracy

Galegos said she and her organization had worked to alleviate fear in the Latin community regarding citizenship issues promoted by the Trump administration, but were ultimately withdrawn by the court. She said those concerns were exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, which had disproportionately affected Latin American communities in terms of health and financial situation, as many people lost their jobs and homes.

“Because of these factors, we have to wait for the accuracy of the counts,” she added.

US Census Bureau officials who held a press conference to release the data on Thursday said they were confident the counts were correct. Officials said they improved and changed the way data is collected in 2020, allowing people to identify themselves more precisely.

“These changes show that the American population is more multiethnic and diverse than previously measured,” said Nicholas Jones, director of racial and ethnic research and outreach at the agency. I am.

However, based on preliminary comparisons between American Community Survey estimates and 2020 census data, there appear to be some obvious discrepancies, says Paulon, director of the UCLA Neighborhood Knowledge Center. I did.

According to On, whites are overrated and marginalized and underserved neighborhood communities of color are underestimated when data is “subdivided” or grouped into neighboring blocks or communities. It will be clear that you are.

“The higher the income in the neighborhood, the less the data discrepancies,” he said. “Low-income neighborhoods seem to be relatively undervalued, and neighborhoods with high poverty rates have more contradictions and fewer numbers. “

The impact of inaccurate data is felt not only in political subdivision and representation, but also in how federal dollars and resources are allocated to the community, On said.

“The money is not going where it is most needed,” he said. “This problem is very serious and is one of the worst problems for decades.”

Amid massive growth, communities of color call for racial and regional equity – press enterprise Source link Amid massive growth, communities of color call for racial and regional equity – press enterprise

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Cody Bellinger strikes twice as Dodgers beat Phillies – San Bernardino Sun Thu, 12 Aug 2021 04:21:43 +0000

Philadelphia – Winning the game is like an inning. I’m still not sure if he has the power to save the season.

Cody Bellinger committed 9 shots with 13 shots in the 4th inning Wednesday night, fielding the last pitch in the left center field seat of a 2-point home run. Victory for the Dodgers 8-2 over the Philadelphia Phillies.

It was Bellinger’s first multihomer game of the season. However, the home run was not an isolated case. Recently there are more and more good hitters. But nothing affirms life more than his best at-bat this season.

Phillies right-hander Kyle Gibson was eliminated as a scheduled starter shortly before game time, and Phillies manager Joe Girardi played the weather like a golfer reading a break to Pat.

Instead of casting Gibson as Aaron Nola on Tuesday night and losing him in the rain, Girardi sent two lifeguards in the first two innings. Sure enough, a nighttime storm, which seems obligatory on the East Coast, arrived two innings later, delaying the game by 53 minutes (shorter than Tuesday’s 1 hour and 44 minute break).

When play resumed, Girardi sent Gibson onto the pitch. The Dodgers stuck with starter David Price and the game went scoreless up to four times.

Corey Seager took a walk with Gibson to start the fourth, and Chris Taylor jumped into center field.

This lifted up Bellinger who pulled out his first stick at bat (and would hit him twice more in the game). But even though his batting average (.183) and OPS (.636) remained unsightly, he was 25-8 in two doubles and two homers in the previous seven games.

Perhaps more obvious, his previous 17 bullets had an average exit speed of 91.5 mph, eight of which were considered “hard hits” by the Statcast majors (exit speeds above 95 mph).

Bellinger took Gibson’s first two balls, then committed three and made a switch to fully increase the count. Six more foul bullets followed. Gibson’s thirteenth throw was a 93 mph lead, staying past the outer half, and Bellinger drilled 383 feet down center left for a two-run home run.

Another notable RBI came in the second half of the inning when Price tore double the RBI in centerfield. It was the first long shot for a 13-year-old veteran and the third career run.

Unfortunately, Price returned two runs while doing his main job late in the inning, and after four innings he gave the bullpen a one-run lead 3-2.

Phil Bickford and Bras d’Or Laker each protected him with scoreless innings before the Dodgers extended their lead to three runs in the seventh inning. This is mainly due to the weak defenses of the Phillies. The ball has passed through Lanscore and Andrew Knapp is on the other side. AJ Pollock is the 10th multi-hit game since All-Star Break, piloting one of three singles.

Bellinger’s two home runs, two other home runs hugged by a right wing foul, cleaned up the game in the ninth inning.

I will explain this story in more detail.

Cody Bellinger strikes twice as Dodgers beat Phillies – San Bernardino Sun Source link Cody Bellinger strikes twice as Dodgers beat Phillies – San Bernardino Sun

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Armani / Agnellis: understated elegance, overestimated value Mon, 26 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The latest information on luxury goods

The front row chatter suggests that the eponymous fashion company, founded by Giorgio Armani, may have been stuck in a fashion pack remodel. The family-owned Italian costume maker Zegna Open to the public..Brand of streetwear Cartish White Luxury conglomerate LVMH has abandoned its avant-garde independence for stability under the roof.

The Agnelli family Apparently Courting an Italian company founded in 1975. There might be room to build a luxury powerhouse around the Ferrari group.

It’s not that strange. High speed motors and luxury yarns target similar (wealthy) customers. That’s why Ferrari launched it independently Clothing line Armani clothing, books, flowers and even Chocolate..

It is assumed that Agneris pushed their efforts forward, without being fooled by previous refusals, by relying on the years of progress of the founder and the apparent absence of heirs. Also remember Armani signal He will consider partnering with another Italian company – and the latest interim results show the company must be optimistic.

Sales are up by a third compared to the same period last year, which was hit by a pandemic. However, turnover has been declining for years and profitability has fluctuated. For private fashion companies, Catwalk’s reputation often trumps commercial performance.

Armani lost an operating loss of 29 million euros last year. Let’s generously assume that next year will return to the 2019 level of 175 million euros. Apply the sector average 30 times (range 20-40) and add € 1.1 billion in cash and equivalents at the end of June. It reached an enterprise value of 6.3 billion. That is more than 7 billion euros with control premium.

This is the world of ego, not metrics. Italian buyers might find it useful to splash out to give French competition to LVMH.

But even in combination with Armani, Ferrari owners will stay behind the house built by Bernard Arnault for many laps. A better role model might be the obnoxious Michael Kors, who harbored similar ambitions. Its share price is significantly lower than in September 2018, when it announced its intention to acquire Versace, a dynamic Italian design group.

A popular newsletter for premium subscribers is published twice a week. On Wednesday we will analyze hot topics from financial centers around the world. On Friday, we analyze the major themes of the week. Thank you for registering here

Armani / Agnellis: understated elegance, overestimated value Source link Armani / Agnellis: understated elegance, overestimated value

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Jen Harley enters rehab following another arrest Mon, 19 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Jen Harley has taken the first step on the road to a promising recovery.

Former Jersey Shore Star-Celebrity (or) TONotably, many critics have checked themselves into a rehab facility, although many critics can say that Ronnie Ortiz Tuna has entered a turbulent era several years after giving birth to his daughter.

The news was confirmed by a representative for Harley last week.

“Jen Harley decided to check in at a drug rehab center in Las Vegas to get treatment for her alcoholism,” the person told TMZ.

“She wants to be the best mother for her children, so she decides to ask for help.”

(In addition to Ariana, the child she shares with Ronnie, Harley also has an 11-year-old son named Mason from a previous relationship.)

Not having a good idea of ​​Harley’s obvious addiction, we are a celebrity gossip medium that has long reported on her behavior and therefore we can safely say:

It is probably the right decision.

End of June Harley was charged with a household battery After pointing her gun at her boyfriend Joseph Abrosor and threatening to kill him, she assaulted her with a deadly weapon.

She was before Arrested for dragging Ronnie down the street To throw a glass ashtray in his car, and also with the personality of MTV.

Ortiz Tuna was reportedly arrested in fall 2019 for hiding in the house with a toddler after pulling a knife at Harley, grabbing Ariana with his arm. ..

The police eventually had to taser Ronnie to arrest Ronnie.

Meanwhile, just weeks after welcoming the child into the world, Jen blows her On Again / Off Again lover like a deadbeat dad, and Ronnie throws him in the trash. Harley as a dumpling..

These two should actually be far from each other.

And we hope they both improve soon after recognizing the extent of their substance abuse issues.

In May, Ortiz Tuna, who began rehab in early 2019, announced he would be leaving Jersey Shore: Family Vacation to seek professional help.

“After speaking to the MTV team, I mutually agreed to quit the show while seeking treatment for a long-overlooked mental health issue,” a father said on his Instagram Stories. I write on time.

“My number one goal right now is to face my fight head-on.

“This process will be difficult, but my top priority is to be healthy and to be the best man and the best father I can make for my daughter.”

Sadly, it should be noted that Ortiz Tuna was arrested in April in a feud allegedly involving his then-girlfriend Safia Matos.

Since then, Ronnie has proposed to Matos.

And she said it.

Jen Harley enters rehab following another arrest Source link Jen Harley enters rehab following another arrest

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Hill Vallejo community ‘serves’ by handing out free backpacks and boxes of food – Times-Herald Sat, 10 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

After all, Hill Vallejo just wanted to “give back.”

Locust Drive Church participated in the annual national “Serve Day” event and handed out 200 free backpacks to children when the new semester began about a month and a half. Hill also handed out 250 free boxes filled with groceries.

The church participates in this event every year, but last year the tradition was canceled due to COVID-19. On Saturday morning, around 100 volunteers returned to attend an event they had missed.

“It was great to meet people again,” said Reverend Hill Vallejo Fi Portillo. “Yeah, Zoom is great, but being able to see people and interact with humans, well, computers don’t do it justice. Receive backpacks and groceries. I am truly grateful to all of you and it’s great to have the opportunity to make a difference. It is the center of the church and should not be included in the four walls. We are our community And I want to make a difference in the city. “

Volunteer Tahirah Siliezar said the backpack included notebooks, pencils and pencils. It’s basically a must-have to start with when someone goes back to school.

7-year-old Materita Hararilo wears Hill’s new backpack while playing a game at the “Serve Day” event in Vallejo. (Thomas Gase-Times Herald)

“I was really excited to be here today to help,” Siri Ezar said. “I am delighted to see the word spread to many people. It is very exciting to see the faces of the children after heading to the play area with their backpacks.

During the first hour of the two-hour event, cars constantly drove around the parking lot to receive free items. After that, many cars parked and collected their backpacks, allowing children to have fun in a playground full of games.

The game included a large “Connect Four”, a throw to hit a water bottle on a shelf, and a ring throw.

“I want to play it all,” Materita Harariro, seven, shouted at her mother, Ria Harariro. He seemed shy about being in second grade soon, but he said he enjoyed the game of throwing things into a plastic water bottle.

“It’s encouraging to see something like this,” Leah said. “I saw this on Facebook and thought it was a great way to do something in the community.”

Another person who did not want to put their name on paper said they were happy to attend the event.

“I’ve lived in Vallejo for 38 years and feel like I’m not doing enough here,” the woman said. “When I saw this event online I thought it was a great opportunity to take the kids out and get some help because we all need it now. I thank the people here and I am thankful and I will tell my friend who has small children so they can get by. “

The event brought together around 100 volunteers, including Keith Norwood and Annabella Quet, who worked at a booth to distribute backpacks to children.

“It’s finally nice to be outside the house,” said Norwood. “I love to see children’s faces light up when they pick up their rucksacks.

“At first I’m a little nervous to help, but after a while it gets better,” Quet said. “I also like to see facial expressions on children and parents.”

Volunteers on the road helped in other ways as a group of people walked Springs Road between Columbus Sparkway and Maplewood Avenue to pick up trash.

“It feels good to do this and work like God,” said Richard Santos. “I picked up a lot of cigarette butts, broken glass and other garbage. For me, it’s good to help and I can do the least.

Hill Vallejo community ‘serves’ by handing out free backpacks and boxes of food – Times-Herald Source link Hill Vallejo community ‘serves’ by handing out free backpacks and boxes of food – Times-Herald

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Holy Grail Raises $ 2.7 Million Seed Fund to Create Modular Carbon Capture Devices – TechCrunch Tue, 22 Jun 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The founder of Holy Grail, a two-year-old startup based in Cupertino, Calif., Takes a micro-approach to solving the oversized problem of carbon capture.

The startup is in the process of prototyping a small modular direct air carbon capture device. This is a break with dozens of American and international projects aimed at recovering CO2 from large centralized sources such as power plants and industrial facilities. Holy Grail co-founder Nuno Pereira told TechCrunch that this approach will cut costs and eliminate the need for permits and project funding.

Holy Grail has a long development and testing phase, but the idea has captured the attention and capital of well-known Silicon Valley investors and founders. Holy Grail recently raised $ 2.7 million in seed funding from Lower Carbon Capital, Goat Capital, Stripe founders Patrick Collison, Charlie Songhurst, Cruise co-founder Kyle Vogt, Songkick co-founders Ian Hogarth, Starlight Ventures and 35 Ventures. Made. Existing investors Deep Science Ventures, Y Combinator and Oliver Cameron, who co-founded the Autonomous Travel Car acquired by Cruise, also participated.

According to Pereira, the carbon capture device is still in the prototype stage and many details, such as the expected size of the final product and how long it can operate, have yet to be taken into account. Separating CO2 from the air cost-effectively is a very difficult problem to solve. The company applied for a patent for this technology and refused to be too specific on many features of the device, such as the components of the device. But he pointed out that the company has a radically different technical approach to carbon capture.

“Current technology is very complex. They are basically either [using] Temperature or pressure [to capture carbon]” There is a lot to do. Compressors, calciners, and all that, ”he said. “Instead, the company uses electricity to control the chemical reactions that bind to CO2,” Pereira said. .. He also added that Holy Grail devices are scale independent to achieve cost savings. It is also modular and can be stacked and configured according to customer requirements.

As Pereira says, scrubbers focus on raw CO2 recovery, not conversion (eg, converting CO2 to fuel). Instead, Pereira explained that when the Holy Grail unit fills up, it can be collected by the company, with a serious warning that the end product has yet to be figured out, but where the carbon is reaching. Whether to do so is still an open question.

The company begins by selling carbon credits using its devices as part of a carbon reduction project. The ultimate goal is to sell the scrubber to business customers and ultimately to individual consumers. That’s right. The holy grail wants to have your own carbon capture device, maybe even in the backyard. However, the business may still have a long way to go.

“We are essentially shifting the scale factor of everything from the construction and project management of very large megaton factories to the construction of scrubbers on assembly lines like manufactured consumer goods. “

Pereira said many approaches are needed to tackle the huge problem of reducing atmospheric CO2. “The problem is too big,” he said.

Holy Grail Raises $ 2.7 Million Seed Fund to Create Modular Carbon Capture Devices – TechCrunch Source link Holy Grail Raises $ 2.7 Million Seed Fund to Create Modular Carbon Capture Devices – TechCrunch

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Rapper Kodak Black ambushed after leaving Miami club, guard fired Mon, 05 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Rapper Kodak Black was criticized overnight in Miami after leaving a nightclub and heading to a nearby McDonalds, Your content has learned.

Kodak Black and his entourage were ambushed outside a fast-food restaurant in Florida, and the shooting left one of his security guards in serious condition, police said.

Gunshots erupted around 3 a.m. Monday morning in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in Tallahassee, TMZ reports.

Law enforcement officials said the gunman opened fire from a car following Kodak and his company.

– Publicity –

According to reports, the rapper’s entourage was followed by several cars attempting to cut them off as they left a nightclub, and the Kodak camp pulled into McDonald’s and blocked the entrance with a car for that Kodak was coming inside to pick up an order.

– Publicity –

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Two mini markets in Delco functioned as underground casinos for all to see, the owners caught Wed, 31 Mar 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Two suburban Philadelphia minimarts operated an illegal underground casino in plain sight, using video game devices, Your content has learned.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer today announced that a secret investigation into illegal slot machines in Delaware County has resulted in the seizure of illegal video game devices at two convenience stores, one at East Lansdowne and a second at Clifton Heights.

“Unauthorized slot machines have proliferated in convenience stores, pizzerias and laundromats across the Commonwealth. Due to inaction in Harrisburg, these devices are currently unregulated, with no monitoring to determine if the machines are operating fairly and no bans on minors from playing the games. As District Attorney, I am committed to supporting law enforcement in their efforts to protect Pennsylvanians from the harms associated with illegal gambling, ”Stollsteimer said.

Currently, there are approximately 24,000 slot machines located in the 12 heavily regulated casinos in Pennsylvania. In addition, the video game terminals (“VGT”) are located exclusively at approximately 44 authorized truck stops. Slot machines and VGTs are heavily regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, and both must have minimum payout requirements, as well as controls in place regarding underage use. Gambling activities other than those specifically authorized by law are liable to criminal penalties.

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It is estimated that there are over 20,000 illegal gaming devices of the type seized in Delaware County. The owners and operators of these illegal gaming devices claim that, unlike slot machines and VGTs, they are not games of “chance” but rather games of “skill”. “Skill” games have never been authorized by the General Assembly, and there are no regulations to guarantee the kind of consumer protection that is in place for other types of gaming devices. .

“While we believe Harrisburg should enact clarifying legislation, pending such action, we will continue to work closely with the Pennsylvania State Police to investigate and prosecute the operators of these illegal machines. We agree with the PSP that the makers of these games are not doing enough to calibrate their odds to avoid scamming consumers, and to ensure that minors are not allowed to play these games. Said Stollsteimer.

A search warrant was executed at the Sunoco Mini Mart located at 555 E Baltimore Pike, Clifton Heights, in November 2020 and six video game machines were seized and transported to the Criminal Investigation Division.

The Mini Mart is operated by the defendant, Bhamran Gas and Wash, Inc. A search warrant was executed in November 2020 at the Exxon Mini Mart located at 1001Baltimore Pike, East Lansdowne, and seven video game machines were seized and transported to the CID. The defendant is identified as 1001 Baltimore Ave East Lansdowne, LLC.

“I would like to thank the Pennsylvania State Police, Liquor Enforcement Officer David Schoppe, CID Detective John Hoffner and Assistant District Attorney Doug Rhoads for their work in pursuing this lawsuit. . The operators of these illegal machines must understand that we take seriously our obligation to protect the citizens of Delaware County from illegal gambling, ”said Stollsteimer.

District Attorney and Criminal Investigation Division Remind anyone in Delaware County who observes suspicious activity to immediately call 911 and provide the most precise and precise details possible to assist law enforcement to investigate the service call.

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