Canal+ and Havas alumni launch the Paradiso podcast studio – TBI Vision


Lorenzo Benedetti, ex-director of Canal+, and Benoit Bunaigre, ex-director of Havas, have launched an international podcast production studio.

The studio must create and produce premium scripted, documentary and children’s content for international platforms such as Spotify, Audible and Sybel. The formats will be produced in languages ​​such as English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

The company unveiled two projects, including The Pockmarked Killer (8 x 25 minutes, co-produced with Sybel, Louie Media, Les Jours and Le Seuil pour Sybel), which tells the true story of the hunt for a French serial killer who has been wanted for over 33 years.

A second project is a short comedy interview format The promotional hotline (30 x 4 minutes) for Spotify.

Paradiso is also in production on two scripted series.

The venture debuted following a successful fundraising which will see the company building creative and production teams in Paris, London and Los Angeles. Plans are in place for an international network of 35 employees in three cities producing at least 12 series per year by the end of 2020.

Initial investment support came from executives such as Rodolphe Belmer (Eutelsat, Netflix); the Mediawan Group chaired by Pierre-Antoine Capton; Gregory Dray (Google); Julien Leroux (Cineflix Media); and iconoclast.

Paradiso’s executive committee includes Benedetti, who serves as CEO; Dunaigre, who is responsible for the sound; and former Konbini director Louis Daboussy, director of content.

Benedetti said: “With this first round, we have the opportunity to start a leading player with a strong potential to accelerate growth. Our collaboration with podcast platforms is an excellent first step in the Paradiso’s goal to launch a creative and dynamic narrative podcast studio producing premium content.

“We believe in the power of the narrative podcast as a way to start franchises. Once developed in France and in audio, our stories can be adapted anywhere in the world and for online platforms, SVOD, TV series and feature films. This first list of projects will aim to aggregate a list of promising IPs and provide strong value creation for the company.


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