Burgwin-Wright House Launches Podcast Exploring Fact and Fiction in Popular TV Series


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens launched its first podcast series on Thursday. The podcast discusses Cape Fear’s historical connections to the popular book and TV series ‘Outlander’.

The free podcast is titled “Burgwin-Wright Presents…Outlander in Cape Fear”, and will feature talks from historical experts from across the state who will use the eras since the house was built. The “Outlander” series follows the Frasers, as they travel from Scotland and arrive in Cape Fear in the 1700s. The show highlights historic moments in the colonial history of Wilmington and North Carolina.

Burgwin-Wright House museum deputy director Hunter Ingram said the podcast launch is timely, as the 6th season of “Outlander” airs on Sunday.

“It’s just a fun story that really speaks to the global conflict that was the American Revolution. You had Scottish Highlanders, you had Irish immigrants, – all those people from around the world who will be part of this fight to found the America, and a lot of that is going to happen in that region.

The podcast will release new episodes weekly on Thursdays for eight weeks, to coincide with the release of “Outlander” season six episodes.


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