Browns unhappy with Baker Mayfield scheduled for ‘Ya Neva Know’ podcast – News-Herald


Baker Mayfield is set to appear on the “Ya Neva Know: You Know What I Mean?” according to Brad Stainbrook of The podcast is released on Wednesdays, although a release date for Mayfield’s appearance has not been determined, according to Stainbrook.

“’Ya Neva Know: do you know what I mean?’ is a lifestyle podcast hosted by platinum artist Mike,” explains the podcast’s website at “Athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians and other entertainers come to the show every Wednesday to discuss the adversity they overcame to turn their dreams into reality.”

The theme ‘overcoming adversity’ is right in the wheelhouse at Mayfield. He’s been motivated to prove doubters wrong since he was a freshman at Texas Tech in 2013. Now here he is, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft and an unteamed quarterback.

The podcast in the past has featured baseball players Trevor Bauer when he was with the Reds, Logan Allen of the Indians as well as Christian Yelich of the Brewers and Jaguars catcher Christian Kirk, formerly of the Cardinals, among others. A podcast with Johnny Manziel, a 2014 Browns first-round pick, is in the site’s archive.

Mayfield has gone dark since asking the Browns to trade him after learning they were interviewing Deshaun Watson last month as a potential replacement. The Browns told Mayfield they would not honor his request, but that was before Watson announced he would waive the no-trade clause in his contract and agree to a trade with Cleveland.

It will be interesting to hear what Mayfield has to say on the podcast. Will his agents suggest he take the high road to prove he’s “an adult?” Or will he tear the Browns up for playing him when his left shoulder was injured last season, then giving him up two months after surgery to fix the torn labrum on his non-throwing shoulder.

Someone in the Browns organization told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that the Browns needed “an adult” at quarterback. Team owner Jimmy Haslam, in a separate Zoom call after Deshaun Watson’s March 25 press conference, said the insult directed at Mayfield did not come from the property.

Trading Mayfield and his guaranteed $18,858,000 contract would have been tough before the Browns handed Watson a fully guaranteed, five-year, $230 million deal. Now, offloading Mayfield and getting a fair return will be even more difficult.

The Browns will no doubt be obligated to pay part of Mayfield’s salary in any trade they make. Still, they would rather trade him than release him. If they release him, he could sign with any team. The Steelers could be intrigued despite signing Mitch Trubisky.

Any team signing Mayfield if he is released would only have to pay him $1.035 million, the minimum wage for a fifth-year veteran. The Browns are said to be on the hook for $17,823,000 – the balance of his guaranteed salary.

The money owed to Mayfield would count toward the Browns’ salary cap even if he isn’t on the team. According to, the Browns currently have $18,901,459 in effective cap space. It’s the fourth most in the NFL.


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