Audio problems with your Apple Studio Display? You’re not alone


Apple reportedly acknowledged that the company’s $1,599 Studio Display had some very unfortunate sound issues such as distortion and clipping.

A new report from MacRumors says Apple has sent a memo to authorized service providers acknowledging “that customers may find themselves experiencing speaker issues with the company’s $1,599 display.” The issues described in the report include “unexpected and abrupt sound cutoff, high-speed audio playback, distorted audio quality, and choppy playback.”

The report cites a slew of users experiencing an array of audio issues, including issues recording sound with the built-in microphone.

That doesn’t sound right

Last week @mjtsai began collecting reports from users experiencing the issues. “My Apple Studio Display microphone audio recording is always fundamentally flawed in every application. Latest OS and display firmware versions,” one user wrote.

“For about a month now my Studio Display speakers have been broken,” Tsai wrote. “Every time I start playing music (or any other audio) it works for a few seconds and then stops.”

Fortunately, there is a fix. “Apple advises that customers experiencing issues should unplug the Studio Display from power, unplug any accessories or devices connected to the display, wait ten seconds, and then reconnect the Studio Display to power.” There’s more good news too, with an explicit note from Apple stating that this isn’t a hardware issue, but rather a software flaw that can be fixed in a software update. from StudioDisplay.

When you’re working, the sound on the Apple Studio Display is really great. From our review: “Built-in theater speakers score well too – for display speakers. They deliver rich sound and perform well in a pinch, but they won’t replace your wireless headphones. .” This, combined with its stunning quality, makes the Studio Display one of the best monitors you can buy for your Mac.

The Studio Display received numerous complaints during its first review about the poor quality of its webcam, which Apple has since improved with updates.


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