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The Major League Baseball lockout continues with no immediate end in sight. For the media, this creates an immediate challenge in terms of planning for 2022. Groups have started to examine the broader effects of a longer hiatus if spring training and the regular season don’t start on time.

the New York Daily News Thursday reported on how a delay or significant loss in the 2022 season could affect the sports gambling industry. History noted that the league is preparing to expand a partnership with DraftKings this coming year. Those plans could be drastically altered or the business relationship hiccuped, if the game doesn’t start until the summer.

Sports Betting Dime editor-in-chief Matt McEwan was quoted in the article as saying MLB could lose some of the revenue if it does. However, the impact on various sports betting might be less painful due to the fact that other major professional sports leagues in America are adopting sports betting just as many have across the country.

“(If) we hit that mid-June period and we get to the NBA Finals and there’s still nothing from MLB, sports betting is going to be concerned at this point,” McEwan said. “But they wouldn’t trigger panic alarms. They wouldn’t collapse, but they will get a little worried at that point.

“Looking at these months when it’s all about baseball, I think over 50% of that (money) would just be reallocated to something else that’s going on,” he added. “Golf, tennis, even table tennis, that’s what’s going to happen there.

The article also explained how MLB was the slowest of the major professional leagues to embrace sports betting. He was referring to an interview earlier this year with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, who explained how NBA commissioner Adam Silver told him to stop trying to change the pace of play. baseball, “because baseball’s pace of play is perfect for sports betting.”


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