Apple offers podcast subscription data earlier; Launches three recommendation channels. | Daily News Podcast


In an effort to sweeten the appeal of Apple Podcast subscriptions, Apple now offers Next Day Reporting that will allow a producer to measure the performance of their subscriptions in near real-time. “Creators can use this report to understand how listeners engage with free content versus subscribers,” Apple said in the announcement.

The new subscription listening reports will be available to any creator with at least one active subscription. Apple says the data will include aggregate information about engagement with podcast content, including number of hours listened to, type of listener, and number of plays, by storefront, episode, and type of podcast. ‘episode.

Apple says its full listening reports will be available for download at the start of each month in the Analytics tab on Apple Podcasts Connect. Monthly Listener Reports include all episodes available in Apple Podcasts Connect across shows and channels.

Separately, Apple Podcasts announced three new podcast collections that will help users of its app discover new shows in the true crime, culture, and entertainment genres. The Darkside Collection will bring together some of the most popular and fastest growing true crime podcasts. It will publish its recommendations every Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, the tbh (To Be Honest) collection will be released. This list of recommendations from Apple Podcast editors will showcase “the sequel” to culture, offering new ways to understand the world. And on Thursday, the Popped Collection will release its weekly list of recommended podcasts. Popped helps listeners find the best discussions for their favorite TV shows, movies, music, books, and video games.

Apple says the collections are available for free to all listeners in the United States and Canada starting on Browse and Research tabs on iPhone, iPad and Mac, and will be updated weekly with new lineups and recommendations.

Creators are encouraged to submit their channels, shows, and episodes for inclusion in these collections using the promotion application formthe company said.


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